Saturday, September 21, 2019

Frank Lampard: " I think Neil Bath deserves more credit than me"

Frank Lampard is set to rely on youth once again when Chelsea face Liverpool on Sunday, but the Blues manager insists that he is no "saviour" for the academy players.

Jurgen Klopp's side have won all five games in the Premier League ahead of their trip to west London, which comes following a Champions League defeat.

A youthful Chelsea side is in their way from keeping the gap with second-placed Manchester City to five points. At 24 years and 158 days, Lampard has already picked Chelsea's youngest ever Premier League line up against Sheffield United this season.

Lampard said his choices to promote players have been made because their performances have made them impossible to ignore and he credits the academy coaches more than himself for discovering them.

"The picture here I think I have been getting it wrong as if I am the saviour of the academy and be all things all good to young players getting through," Lampard said. "I think a lot of that work has been done without by Neil Bath and all the staff and recruitment and the young lads themselves.

"Now, my job is to try and do the best with what I have got in front of me. I have walked into a club that has got a lot of young talent in it. Some of it hasn’t touched the first team yet, most of it. I just look at it and go let’s see how you train, act and behave.

"Your desire, etcetera, day-in-day-out. If they reach a level, then they play. I think Neil Bath and the academy have been working hard at that for years. 

They deserve more credit at that than me, certainly at the moment for these young players that are in the squad. It is my job to keep improving them."

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