Friday, October 25, 2019

Lampard wants Hudson-odoi to stay humble

Frank Lampard has called on Callum Hudson-Odoi to stay humble despite his vast potential and to learn from the likes of himself, Jorginho and even Raheem Sterling while away with England on international duty.

The Blues boss was instrumental in getting Hudson-Odoi to remain at Stamford Bridge as Bayern Munich tried to sign the 18-year-old with his previous contract expiring at the end of this season.

Hudson-Odoi worked hard in Chelsea's 1-0 away win in Ajax but he wasn't quite at his best as the Blues got the win on the back of a brilliant defensive display. Lampard has been clear in saying that his new £180,000-a-week contract means that the 'hard work starts now' and he is now calling on him to pick the right role models to develop.

"The minute I took the job I made contact with Callum because I knew his contract situation and I felt it was a big sign to him that he should stay, absolutely the right decision for him and the club, and the club were trying to make it happen so, as the manager, I got involved there," Lampard told reporters at Cobham Training Centre.

"Since he has come back on the pitch, I’ve been saying, sometimes speaking to the outside world, that he can do better because I feel like he is a player who will react well to those because I only want the best for him.

"I don’t like to mention other players but I think Raheem Sterling is such a good role model for a young English player in roughly the same position to see the development and for me that is hard work behind the scenes that Raheem has brought into his game in all senses.

"And I want that from Callum and that starts with what he does day-in, day-out in every bit of training cannot be lost on him. He has to get every ounce out of it and listen to me and listen to the staff. And his teammates because that will drive him as well.

"Jorginho plays like that, so it is all good at the minute and I hope his development keeps going at the rate it is. I don’t want to sound like I’m being ultra-firm with him day-in, day-out. I was the first to congratulate him against Newcastle, particularly when he ran back to tackle their full back in the corner with a recovery run.

"But there are moments with all the younger players when they need to hear the cruel reality of football because it is only being on edge consistently will bring them the big celebratory moments they will get when things all go well."

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