Friday, January 10, 2020

Lampard happy Abraham took No 9 pressure well

Lampard believes Tammy Abraham has handled the pressure of being Chelsea's No 9 well.

“I am really impressed because when the No.9 shirt was available quite a few people around here were saying to me: ‘Ooh, be careful, that’s not always had the best feeling in different players here,'" Lampard told reporters at Cobham Training Centre.

“It was my decision to give it to him purely on his personality in pre-season. I knew he was a good player and I liked him on the training ground but his personality is one that he was saying: ‘Yes please, I want that, I want to be Chelsea’s No.9.’

“It was an easy thing to feel and say at that point but to then go produce like he has done is a great start. And it’s a start. He needs to keep going because he is probably at that stage now where everyone is starting to expect Tammy to play well, score and affect games in a big way.

"And that brings a new challenge and that is his one now. When it [the No. 9 shirt] was mentioned, it made me think twice and go, ‘Oh, actually, what is the situation here?’ because he is a young boy.

"If you’re signing a 25-year-old who has scored multiple goals in a different league or in the Premier League you might see it differently and it would be a really easy decision, but the question with a young boy is does he need that pressure? My opinion was yes.

"I saw him coming through the ranks here for such a long time from being a young boy and for me, it was like he must have always wanted to be Chelsea’s No.9. That was his aim at all times. I know he used to idolise Didier Drogba.

"So he thought, 'I want to be Chelsea’s mainline striker' and the No.9 is generally that so I thought it was an opportunity for him to rise to that hopefully.”

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