Saturday, February 29, 2020

Lampard: "I want my strikers scoring goals not defenders"

Chelsea Boss Frank Lampard has expressed his disappointment at how his Chelsea team wasted a lot of chances to seal a win away from home at the Vitality Stadium.

He told BBC Sport when reflecting on stalemate with the Cherries: "We expected a fight and they gave us a difficult game but we should win the game, we had a lot of possession and chances.

"The character of the team was great, it wasn't for the want of trying but we need more goals.

"Marcos Alonso has had a big week but I don't want my left-back top of the scoring charts. I want our attackers scoring goals and they haven't.

"We wanted to win, we should have won but it's a difficult league. It's that cut throat part of the season. If we keep having games like this and we are not clinical it's tough.

"The way the season has panned out, we should be pleased that we are fourth but it means nothing at this stage. If we manage to get in the top four the achievement is huge but we are a long way from that yet."

Gus Poyet disappointed with lack of Activity in the blues January transfer window

Ex-blues Star Gus Poyet has expressed his disappointment at the lack of transfer activity in the blues January transfer window but claims Ziyech is a fantastic signing for the club.

“Ziyech has plenty of quality,” former Blues star Poyet told talkSPORT.

“He’ll be an exciting player for the fans. I was just disappointed Chelsea didn’t get any players in January, to be honest.

“You cannot have the season you’re having with the transfer ban. Then you go to the appeal – probably spend a lot of money getting that appeal – and showing everybody you want the appeal, and after having the chance to sign in January, you don’t and you sign someone on February 12. It’s strange.

“It’s a new situation, especially for Frank Lampard and his staff. I hope they are able to keep dealing with the situation in the best possible way and finish in the top four.”

Lampard on willian's contract saga: " its an ongoing conversation "

Frank Lampard has refused to comment on the ongoing contract saga regarding willian's future but admits negotiation are ongoing.

“It’s an ongoing conversation,” Lampard told reporters. “Maybe not ideal timing but I don’t want to get too drawn into it because I am the manager of the team and don’t want to look too far [ahead].

“Some of the headlines this week had a sense of frustration for me because we're working day-to-day to finish this season and we're not jumping ahead to the summer. Willy’s one is an ongoing situation. It’s not over. We’ll see.”

Frank Lampard says Fikayo Tomori still has role to play for Chelsea this season despite not seeing a single minutes of premier league action this year.

“I have four centre-backs to choose from, so generally every week two of them are unhappy,” Lampard added. “And then people question you when you stick with a back two or back three. There is competition in that area.

“With Fiks, he always has to train at the top level, that goes for all of the young players because when you are out of the team, however much it hurts, you need to show a good attitude and train very well.

“At the moment he is and he has a long career ahead of him at this club, without a doubt. It’s been more about selection issues.”

Lampard also added that his young guns have been the shinning light of progress this season and admits that even though performance levels have dipped recently, his youngsters are still on a learning curve.

“Sometimes it’s been the young lads earlier this season who have stepped up and that was great,” Lampard continued. “And sometimes they have had it difficult. So I don’t get too caught up in that conversation.

“Maturity will come for them, that’s why we have to give them some leeway this year. For Mason and Reece on Tuesday night it was a huge game for them in terms of their learning curve.

“I didn’t play my first Champions League game until I think my mid-twenties and for me it was an uplift for me at that level, let alone at their age. Reece was playing at Wigan in the Championship and Mason was at Derby with myself.

“And now they are going up against Thiago and the flying machine Davies from Bayern, who is an incredible looking player - and Gnabry as well. It was a huge test. Make no bones about it. It was a difficult night for them.

“It’s not just those players. Kovacic has been to the final with Real Madrid, Azpi has been to the semi-final here. But if you go through the rest of the starting eleven, there are players who are either new to Champions League football - with Ross I think it was his first knock-out stage - or they are players who have got to the last 16.

“We have to be real, we have to be honest. We can’t pull the wool over our own eyes and think all of a sudden we have a divine right at this level to go up against Bayern Munich and beat them.

“There's a reason why we are where we are at the moment. We have not challenged in the Premier League for a couple of years. We have to fight and work as hard as we can on the training pitch and in games to close that gap.

“Come the summer, we want to move forward and make some decisions. But the gap is there.  Tuesday showed that. But that should not dishearten us - now it’s how we finish the season.

“I think the landscape of the Premier League has changed. Man City and Liverpool have set incredible standards in the league, and also we had some outside influences with the ban and with circumstance, a huge player left the club.

“Those things are there. We are certainly on the same page here when I speak with the board and we have all our conversations, there is no doubt we know we are fighting for fourth place.

“It is a very dated phrase, when people say: ‘You're Chelsea, there's no way you should be happy with fourth’. No, the Premier League has changed. It is not like it was for Manchester United players 15 or 20 years ago, or Chelsea players when we were first or second for a period in the mid-2000s.

“It’s not like that any more and that is the reality. We do want to climb and bridge the gap and I strongly believe we will. But I am very aware of what that is. The players need to be aware of it and we are as a club.”

Friday, February 28, 2020

Kante, Pulisic and Abraham all out of tomorrow's game away to Bournemouth

Frank Lampard believes he has had a tough beginning as the blues boss after losing Eden Hazard and being hit with a transfer ban.

“We couldn’t control the ban,” the Blues boss told reporters.

“We lost the best player in the Premier League in Hazard. We are trying to improve on the training pitch. We have shown we can get into fourth and now we have to kick on.”

Lampard says he doesn't have any issues with kepa arrizabalaga after the spaniard has lost his place to Caballero in the last four games

My relationship is fine,” Lampard said of the Kepa speculation.

“I can’t keep every player happy. But the professionalism is there from him. Every player is in control of their own decision. Caballero is training well and performing well. I will decide as we go.

“I have read a lot of false articles of guessing players. All I am focusing on is game by game. Then there are decisions for the club.”

Lampard told reporters when offering a fitness update: “Pulisic is injured. Kante injured, Abraham injured. We are trying to find a solution with Tammy. It’s the same.

“At the moment he is not doing anything active for a couple of days. But we don’t know the length.”

Lampard added on the blues 21-year-old Midfielder Christian Pulisic who has an adductor injury: “It has been longer. It was to be a lot less. But I had a similar injury when I was a player, so I can sympathise. I know it can be a delicate injury.

“The way he was playing, the hot patch, the ability to go past players.”

One man who is back in contention after spending a long time out of action is Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

Lampard said of the highly-rated midfielder, who is looking for his first competitive minutes of the season: 

“Ruben is in the squad again. It would mean a lot for him. It is a lonely place to be injured. With the ability that he has got he is one of the most exciting English midfield players.”

"Lampard dropping kepa could be the right move"

Former Blue Mark Schwarzer believes Frank Lampard decision in dropping kepa might just be the right decision that will take the club forward.

"I am not surprised but I think it was a massive call," Schwarzer told Goal. "Whenever the manager decides to change a No.1 because he doesn’t feel that the performances have been at the level they should is a huge call itself.

"If a goalkeeper comes in and has an absolute disaster then I can understand a manager deciding to bring the No.1 back in - but he didn’t. Caballero has come in and done a job. You wouldn’t say he has been outstanding but you wouldn’t say he has done badly.

"You know with Caballero what you are going to get. I think the fact he made the decision that he believed he needed to make means he needs to stick with it for a little bit. I think that Kepa is all about his reaction and how he gets his head down.

"He was conceding far too many goals, goals you would analyse and say on another day that he should have saved it. You analyse it and if that stuff happens too often, then you ask is it a technical problem?

"I am not sure where they are at in training and how they have adapted it. How are they trying to help him? There is no doubt that they will be trying to get him up to speed. One of the things for goalkeepers is that we are pretty set in our ways.

"Kepa will have a way that he trains, a way he likes to prepare for games and if you have a goalkeeping coach and other people trying to change it then that can cause resistance at times.

"It can take time to actually take it on board and accept the need to try and take a different technique and change things a bit. That might take time to do it and if they don’t embrace it then that can have a detrimental effect.

Willy Caballero Chelsea 2018-19

"I think with Kepa, he is just trying to find his way. With Kepa, he has not been at a club like Chelsea before and he is under the spotlight even more than at Athletic Club. This is still a learning process for him. He is still young.

"For Kepa, it could be the best thing that has happened to him that he comes out of the limelight that he gets back to training and working hard. Then he might get phased back in again in a couple of games' time.

"There is an expectation at the club. Chelsea have had a run of goalkeepers who have been world class and then when you are not seeing the same consistency in goal then it stands out very much.

"With Kepa, that’s the problem. He has had to fill some huge shoes from top-class goalkeepers. He hasn’t played consistently at the level that Chelsea staff, fans and owners are used to."

Thursday, February 27, 2020

"Chelsea Should have bought in January"

Former Chelsea Midfielder Joe Cole has said Chelsea are struggling in games due to their inability to bring new faces in the winter transfer window.

This was coming on the back of Chelsea's 3-0 loss at Stamford bridge to Bayern Munich on Tuesday Night.

"I think knowing this game was on the horizon, Frank would have been desperate to get players through the door,” Cole said on BT Sport.

“You’ve asked [Olivier] Giroud, who’s done brilliant for you at the weekend, he’s not been fit and a 32-year-old striker to come and lead the line against probably one of the best sides in Europe at the moment, it just looked like he ran out of steam towards the end.

“So not recruiting has definitely affected the performance and the team.

“Bayern Munich were sublime from start to finish. We talked about the patterns of play, the passing, they just really drilled Chelsea tonight and it’s a momentous task for them going to Germany.”

Giroud: Almost impossible for us to overturn 3-0 deficit

Olivier Giroud has said it is going to almost impossible for Chelsea to overturn a 3-0 deficit when the blues travel away to the allianz arena to face Bayern in the return leg of the Champions league Round of 16.

"It's going to be almost impossible," Giroud said at Stamford Bridge. "We need to go there with belief, to believe that we can score. You never know. They scored three here, so we need to go there and score three and not concede. I'm not joking.

"So, we have nothing to lose, we're going to play our game maybe with more freedom. They are a team with a lot of experience. When I was on the pitch I was thinking 'everything is so smooth'.

"They have played together for a very long time, they have a very good understanding with each other. They played well and you have to recognise this. But you don't have to keep your head down and we've got to bounce back as soon as possible.

"They were the better team so it's very deflating obviously. We need to move on and focus on what's next now, even if in the first half we could have done better because we had opportunities to score.

"But when you concede two goals in four minutes it's very hard to come back psychologically, to turn the game. They played a very good game, and they are a very good team."

Willian could leave Chelsea due to "Contract issues"

Chelsea Winger William has said he could leave Chelsea due to disagreement between the Club and his representative on Contract Issues.

"It’s a difficult situation because Chelsea offered me two years and they are not going to change what they offered. I said I wanted three more years," the winger told Esporte Interativo.

"The situation is difficult because of this. I really don’t know if it will be possible [to stay]. My goal is to continue working and focus on the remainder of the season, so that Chelsea can continue winning games. 

"I have a clear head and focused for the rest of the season that we have left. I think it’s difficult [to stay]. Let's see what happens."

Cascarino on Lampard: “I’m not convinced by his management at times this year"

Tony Cascarino is "not convinced" that Frank Lampard is the right man to take the club forward, as he told TalkSPORT while opening up on a "spiky' phone call he had with the Blues boss earlier this season.

“It’s an awkward one with Frank, because we have had words before," the ex-Chelsea striker said. "Not bad, but I had a phone call and things were said.

“If I’m being brutally honest, I’ve always found Frank to be a little bit spiky with some of the things that you say, and you can be complimentary but Frank takes it slightly the wrong way.

“I’m not convinced by his management at times this year, because I do think it’s an easy excuse just to go youngster, youngster – he’s changed that team a hell of a lot."

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

“I don't know, it's difficult to say"

Marcos Alonso's father has suggested his son Alonso may return to Italy but says such a move depends on the will of his present club Chelsea.

He told Calciomercato when asked about the memories Alonso junior has of his time in Florence: “Awesome.

“He always talks about his legendary three years in Florence, says that Serie A is a beautiful championship and continues to be very close to Italy because he has many friends there. He has very good memories.”

Pressed further on whether a return to Italy could be made at some stage, Alonso’s father said: “I don't know, it's difficult to say.

“He still has a three-year contract with Chelsea, it doesn't depend on him, but on the will of the English club. I can only say that my son loves Italy.”

Monday, February 24, 2020

Lampard on Bayern: They have a lot of threat not only lewandolski

Frank Lampard doesnt believe Lewandolski should be a major concern for the blues as the bavarians have other players who can pose a threat.

“It doesn’t concern me,” Lampard said in his pre-match press conference.

“He’s been so consistent for years. His goalscoring record, everything about him from a distance is top class. I’ve watched quite a lot of Bayern and that shines through. 

“He’s the spearhead but they have a lot of threats. The levels have to go up in the knockout stages. The levels must go up everywhere.”

"We will prepare to hurt them a lot.”

Mateo Kovacic feels Bayern Munich would be the fresher of the two teams ahead of Tuesday Night's game due to the strength difference between the two teams domestic league.

"They have a great team, and they are playing well,” Kovacic said in a pre-match press conference. 

“Their league is not as tough as the Premier League, so for sure they will be more rested than us. We will prepare to hurt them a lot.”

The Croatian has already achieved success in the competition with Real Madrid and was part of the side that beat Bayern in the semi-finals of the 2017/18 campaign, with the Spanish outfit going on to beat Liverpool in the final.

“I had the luck of playing for a great club like Real Madrid,” added Kovacic. “I won the Champions League and I am happy about that. 

“But as players, we don’t think about winning it because every week is a big game for us, so it doesn’t change too much. 

“There is always another great game that we try to win. We are trying to do great things this year and tomorrow we want to show that we are a great team and pass this stage if possible.”

Chelsea head into the match sitting fourth in the Premier League, with their opposition sitting top of the Bundesliga. Bayern are also the leading scorers in this season’s Champions League with 24 goals, but Kovacic believes there is not much difference between the two sides.

“I think we are similar teams, there is not much difference,” he added. “We can be a big team, we have shown that this season in big games. 

“We don’t have so much experience, but we know how to play big games. We’ll show that tomorrow.

“Bayern has a squad full of great players. That’s normal at this stage of the Champions League, you always play against big players. It will be tough, but we like these big games.”

“I give massive respect to him"

Chelsea's German Defender Antonio rudiger has been left impressed with the manner his teammate Giroud conducted himself after missing out on a January winter move.

Rudiger told the Evening Standard of the 33-year-old frontman on the back of a 2-1 win over Spurs: “I give massive respect to him.

“He was always patient, he never said anything, even when his transfer didn’t go through. He remained humble and worked hard.

“And there was also a difference when he came on against United. On Saturday he had a big impact. He is a team player and he always puts himself on the line.

“He is not only about scoring — he is always putting in the hard work and that is why I am very pleased.”

The Blues defender also pointed out a lack of killer instinct in the final third which has mostly affected the team's result this season.

"We sometimes miss the killer instinct that Lewandowski has, for example," Rudiger told  SID

"Just the greed for more, this greed in front of the goal. Lewandowski is 31 years old and is still hungry for goals."

"Kepa needs to improve on two areas to win place back"

Former Chelsea player and Assistant Manager Gianfranco Zola has highlighted areas at which kepa arrizabalaga could improve on after the Spaniard has lost his place in the first team in recent weeks.

"He is a goalkeeper with a great ability to play with his feet, which right now is one of the most important things because the way the teams play requires that characteristic," Zola told Goal.

"He has good reflexes and is very strong, he has a great physique for the goal. 

"Although, in my opinion, there are two areas in which he should improve. 

"The first, when a defender goes out to clear, he must be more forceful and offer greater security. The second is his character, he has to be stronger mentally. 

"But it is normal, it is his second year in the Premier League, his second year in a team like Chelsea that has many ambitions and demands a lot from the goalkeepers. 

"I appreciate Kepa very much. I think this year he is receiving more shots than last season and that is affecting him. For me, he is one of the best goalkeepers of this moment."

Tomori awaiting reunion with Davies

Chelsea Defender Fikayo Tomori is eagerly awaiting the reunion between him and Bayern Munich's Alphonse Davies.

The Two players were part of the Canada Set-up when Tomori initially represented the Canada National team at Youth level.

"I remember when the squad got announced the media was talking about the 15-year-old that was playing for Canada Under-20s. It was Alphonso Davies," Tomori told Goal as he was unveiled as an EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Future Star.

"I actually hadn’t heard of him before and we got to the camp and we were sharing a room. I was like ‘oh, I am sharing a room with a 15-year-old’ and I was 18 at this point. But we actually got on really well.

"That was maybe three, four years ago, but since then we have kept in touch and we have got each other on social media. I have actually just spoken to him literally just before I got here today.

"Obviously, he plays for Bayern Munich and we have got each other in the Champions League. We have been talking about the game and we catch up every now and again. Back then, you could see there was something.

"Being at Bayern Munich has obviously improved him massively but back then if you didn’t know you wouldn’t say he was 15 from the way he was built and playing.

"It is obviously a big challenge [to face Bayern]. We know how many quality players they have and what they can do. But these are the kinds of games that suit us as a team. We like the big stage and we like to win big games and play in the big games. We want to progress."

Matthaus: "Bayern is the clear favourite."

Former Bayern Munich Player Lothar Matthaus doesn't think Frank Lampard's side will be a match for Bayern, who scored 24 goals on their way to securing six wins out of six in Group B.

"Bayern is the clear favourite. This is no longer the big Chelsea from the past with players like Michael Ballack, John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba," the former Bayern midfielder told German publication AZ.

"It is a very young team that has undergone a change. Therefore I assume that Bayern will reach the next round with two good performances. 

"In terms of quality, Bayern is well ahead of Chelsea. In the Premier League, the Blues are only fourth, more than 30 points behind Liverpool. N'Golo Kante is also injured. 

"Overall, the team no longer has the shine of earlier days."

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Hakim Ziyech agrees five year Contract with Chelsea

Hakim Ziyech has officially signed a five-year deal with Chelsea after agreeing the terms of his arrival from Ajax, the Blues have confirmed.

The Morocco international's move to Stamford Bridge was announced earlier this month after Frank Lampard's side agreed to pay a €40 million (£33.5m/$43.3m) fee to acquire the 26-year-old's services.

Ziyech will spend the rest of the current campaign in the Eredivisie, before making the switch to west London at the close of the season.

"I am delighted and proud to have signed for such a huge club as Chelsea," the attacking midfielder told the club's official website. "I am looking forward to next season and hope we can achieve great things together."

Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia spoke of her elation at tying the playmaker down to a long-term deal at Stamford Bridge, adding: ‘We are delighted Hakim will be joining us in the summer, having been a key target of the club’s in this last window.

"He has consistently been one of the most dangerous attacking players in Europe in recent years, which we saw first-hand in our two games against Ajax in the Champions League.

"We wish Hakim and Ajax all the best for the rest of the season and look forward to welcoming him to Stamford Bridge in the summer."

Mueller on Chelsea: They are not the best team in europe

Bayern Forward Thomas Mueller says the bavarians have no reason to be scared of Chelsea as they are not the best team in Europe

“You’d think you would have seen all the great European stadiums after more than 100 Champions League games, but I have never played at Stamford Bridge and I’m really looking forward it,” Muller told The Athletic.

“Chelsea have young, talented players and a quality team that can really hurt you. We need to be well-prepared for their particular strengths.

“But they’re not the best team in Europe right now and we don’t need to be afraid. I’m confident.”

Rudiger: I am alone. I am totally alone,"

Chelsea Center half Antonio Rudiger was delighted to see his team win 2-1 against Spurs but opened up about how he believes the authorities are failing to control the rise in hate crime.

"I’m not trying to offend but you [white] people will never understand what goes through my mind in this moment, or other black players’ minds, I am alone. I am totally alone," Rudiger said at Stamford Bridge.

"It’s nice if people are speaking up for me but at the end of the day, it just replays. Authority wise I’m alone. I heard about it [being booed]. It’s sad. I don’t know why they would. Maybe it’s because I voiced about the racism.

"If you boo me because of that then you are poor people. I am sorry. This is a sign that we have a very big problem. At the end of the day, I am alone in this case because I am the one who has to swallow this.

"With the win it makes me feel like a bit like, yes OK, but it makes me feel like it will always be like this. For me, in this case, racism won. I’m very careful with this. I’m not in the investigations. I’m not a police officer. I just hope always people do their job right.

"But nothing happened and, to be honest, it was not a surprise. For me, it was not a surprise, because they always get away with it. Not always, sometimes they get punished, but mostly they get away with it.

"The support from my club was there. Also players and everything. For me this was not enough. These people need to be punished. They need educating. It’s a lack of education, simple. We all, even including you, we all failed in this.

"Because if people are really honest, we have so many people coming into the stadium and in that game when it happened against me, Chelsea fans got arrested and why, because Chelsea fans reported the other Chelsea fans who abused [Heung-min] Son.

"So on the other side, nothing happened. It’s the people who were around. And that’s why I say if we don’t stand up, racism won. I will always stand up. It’s not only about myself. It can be homophobic or something like that.

"It’s about standing up for people. I think this is normal. I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not killing anyone. I will always stand up for other people. I will not leave anyone like this."

Lampard: I'm happy Giroud didn't leave

Frank Lampard has expressed his happiness at Giroud remaining at Chelsea despite reported interests linking him to the likes of Lazio and Inter in the January transfer window

"He has always been engaged even when he has not been playing, he has been engaged," Lampard told reporters at Stamford Bridge. "I said it during the window; he has been absolutely fantastic from start to now.

"That is why he can put in those performances when he comes in. Personality on the pitch, personality in the dressing room, quality to finish, selfless in his ways. He’s our player now. In January it might have changed, it didn’t, and I’m happy with that and we move on.

"He is strong; he has been around, won the World Cup, very good with the younger players around him, wants to train at a high level every day, understands his game, his attributes and how important he can be.

"The way the team worked helped Oli, and he helped the team. To have competition in that area is what we have been lacking. We have lacked goals from forward areas, not just in strikers, across the front."

"Tottenham win could be a turning point"- Giroud

Olivier Giroud believes Chelsea's win at home to london rivals Tottenham could be a turning point for the season after the blues claimed a first win in Five premier league games.

“It was a very important game for us,” Giroud said. “I want to talk about the team spirit. We showed great character.

"We knew it was maybe a kind of turning point because we lost a bit of confidence at home. It was nice to bounce back and get this hard win against a rival.”

It was a particularly cathartic experience for the 33-year-old, who has played only seven Premier League matches this season, with Tammy Abraham largely preferred to him in the starting XI.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Giroud: I'm so happy to help the team win today

Olivier Giroud marked his return to the Chelsea XI with a goal and says he is pleased to have helped the team to victory.

"Wow, yeah, it was a good feeling for me, a good moment," Giroud told BT Sport of his goal. "I'm so happy for the team, to help the team to win this game today.

"It had been three months I didn't start, so it's a special day for me and for all of us."

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta added: "We have a squad and we need to be ready for every game. It's true that, when you don't play, it difficult.

"Everybody wants to help the team. But everybody keeps training hard, fighting to be in the team.

"The competition is what gives the team that extra per cent where everybody can push to the limit. Today it worked perfectly."

Furious Lampard "not pleased" with VAR decision

Frank Lampard has been left furious at the decision not to red card Giovanni Lo celso after an horrific tackle on Cesar Azpilicueta

"It's not good enough. It's not good enough, I'm sorry," he told BT Sport. "It's two VARs now in two games [after two goals were disallowed in the defeat to Manchester United].
"It's harder to speak about it when you've lost because people are claiming you're just shouting, but maybe you need to shout, because that's not good enough.
"Everybody in the football world saw that that was a red. And it's too late, too late to do that. The game should be over [at 2-0].
"I hate to call for red cards, but when they're endangering... That's a leg-breaker of a tackle.
"You get VAR brought into the game to see it and give the right decision. I'm not saying anything about the referees on the spot - it's not easy  on the spot - VAR's here to clear those up. I'm not surprised they've put it right, but it's not good enough."

Chelsea celebrating 2020
Despite being furious at the VAR incident, The blues boss commended the team's play after his side picked up their first win in five premier league games on Saturday afternoon.
"The aggression in our game, the pressing off the ball, the work-rate [was aggressive]," he said. "We've been having a tough time at home for different reasons.
"And when you're having tough times, there's only one option, and that's to fight. Sometimes, fighting [when it is] difficult, hanging on in the last few minutes when you shouldn't have been, those are the moments.
"We have to bottle that up now, that feeling, understanding that needs to be our behaviour daily. The way we played today needs to be our daily behaviour in training and the games coming up."

Mourinho: " No one leaked anything to me"

Mourinho has said that he only guessed the system and tactics that the blues were going to put in show today on the back of a 2-1 loss and dismissed Lampard's claims of another espionage incident.

"Serious, that's the world we live in. I am not being sinister about it, but it is the world we live in," the manager replied when asked if he thought Mourinho had a mole inside his coaching staff. 

"When someone has worked at the club previously, I think that can happen. When you have been working on a back three for two or three days, I am not that trusting always in terms of everybody but that's life."

Mourinho gave the idea short shrift, suggesting that Lampard's switches were entirely consistent with his previous behaviour. 

"I guessed because there is a logic to it," he told reporters. 

"When they have a run of bad results, they go to five, when they have a run of bad results they go to Alonso and that's what they did when they played against Lille and against us in the first match.

"That's what of course I knew they were going to do today again. It's obvious. When they're in a run of good results, they go to different players.

"When they are in trouble, five at the back and Alonso. No one leaked me anything. They are loyal to him."

Saturday's defeat leaves Spurs four points shy of their London rivals in fourth place, and they could drop out of the top five altogether if Sheffield United and/or Manchester United record victories at the weekend.

Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham

Chelsea reinforced their grip on fourth place in the Premier League with a much-needed 2-1 win over rivals Tottenham as Olivier Giroud scored his first club goal since August.

Frank Lampard's men were four without a win in the top flight coming into this clash at Stamford Bridge and had seen their advantage over Spurs cut to just a point in the battle for the Champions League places.

But former manager Jose Mourinho could not inflict a further setback on the Blues, as Giroud, who had a goal disallowed against Manchester United on Monday, made the most of his first league start of 2020.

Marcos Alonso - another of four Chelsea changes - brilliantly doubled his side's lead shortly after half-time, and Lampard's side held on despite a luckless late own goal from Antonio Rudiger.

In a rare Tottenham opening, Lucas Moura's low drive drew a sharp stop from Willy Caballero after 10 minutes, and the game sparked into life as Hugo Lloris saved at his near post from Mason Mount.

The visiting goalkeeper's best efforts could not prevent a 15th-minute opener, although he did block Giroud's initial strike with his foot after a glorious Jorginho pass from deep.

Ross Barkley hammered the rebound against the post, only for the ball to land again at Giroud's feet, and the second finish from the France forward was arrowed into the bottom-right corner.

Alonso sent a 20-yard volley fizzing just over, but Spurs threatened again late in a lively first half, with Caballero turning away a Davinson Sanchez header and then seeing Japhet Tanganga overrun the ball as he rounded the keeper.

Chelsea were back on top from the restart, and the second goal came less than three minutes later as Alonso thundered low past Lloris after an incisive team move.

Lloris parried a swirling Barkley strike over the crossbar, before Tottenham were fortunate to avoid another blow when Giovani Lo Celso planted his studs into Cesar Azpilicueta's shin in a late challenge that did not prompt a card.

The fit-again Tammy Abraham appeared from the bench and would have scored but for a close-range Lloris stop, while Alonso hit the bar with a wonderful free-kick.

Rudiger inadvertently deflected a cross from Erik Lamela beyond Caballero with a minute remaining to give Spurs late hope, but Chelsea saw out a deserved win.

Kimmich expecting tight contest against the blues

Bayern Munich Versatile Midfielder Joshua Kimmich is expecting a tight contest between his team and Chelsea, even if Chelsea have struggled as of late in Premier League play.

"They have a good mix between young and experienced players," Kimmich said. "They may not have been very consistent over the past few weeks, but a Champions League game is always something different - of course we want to win there.

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer added: "We're playing against a Premier League team, it's going to be difficult. It is not easy to win games in England."

After facing Chelsea, Bayern will return to Bundesliga play to take on Hoffenheim before facing Schalke in the next round of the DFB-Pokal.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Mou: I know the Chelsea team that Lampard will pick

Spurs Boss Jose Mourinho has said he knows the Chelsea team that Frank Lampard will pick for today's game at the bridge.

"I was told they were back to a back five which is what they normally do when their results are not the best," he told reporters, though he wouldn’t be drawn on where his information came from.

"The same way you have a lot of news and you don't tell the sources,” he said.

Lampard's pre-match conference ahead of Spurs

Chelsea Boss Frank Lampard has spoken to media ahead of tomorrow's game at home to London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Lampard told reporters when offering his latest fitness update: “N’Golo is not fit, muscle injury. Similar to Arsenal. Hopefully three weeks.

“Pulisic not fit, no exact date. A difficult injury.

“Ruben is in the squad. Not fit to start, but in the squad.

“Andreas went to get a mask and has trained with it. Available for selection.

“Tammy has trained the last two days. Probably 70%. He is in the squad.”

Frank Lampard Chelsea 2019-20

Injury issues have been a problem for Chelsea throughout the 2019-20 campaign, with Lampard eager to point out that he has had to shuffle his pack on a regular basis.

He added: “This season is a transitional year, and fans appreciate that.

“Not many teams have had our injuries. Kante has played 50% of the games. The fans respect that and they see what we try to do. They will be there to support us.

“It is tight at the moment and we need the fans behind us. The players will give everything.”

Little was expected of Lampard when he returned to Stamford Bridge in a managerial capacity last summer, but he is aware of the need to deliver Champions League qualification.

Quizzed on whether he feels under pressure, the Blues legend said: “I always feel it, because this is top sport. I thrive on it.

“I have enjoyed this week. It was disappointing to lose on Monday [against United], but this is the challenge for us.

“Everyone probably wrote us off for top four. It is a process and the pressure is always there.”

Mou: Chelsea clash not different from other encounters

Mourinho not daunted by the prospect of facing Chelsea on saturday saying its nothing new compared to other encounters.

Despite the potentially pivotal nature of the fixture with Chelsea, Mourinho says Saturday's visit to his former stomping ground is no different to any other occasion he faces one of his previous teams.

"No, not special, one more game. Because I'm a professional, as I've said every time I played my previous clubs, I belong 200 per cent to my club," he said.

"The only different thing will be at the end of the game I can walk from the stadium to my house but I won't take advantage of because I'll go back from the stadium with my players."

Juventus and Inter interested in Emerson Palmieri

Juventus and Inter are interested in signing Emerson Palmieri but have yet to make an official bid for the Chelsea full-back, according to his agent.

The 25-year-old has struggled for regular first-team football this season after failing to dislodge Cesar Azpilicueta at left-back, while the emergence of youngsters Fikayo Tomori and Reece James has further restricted his opportunities on the opposite flank.

He has made just 16 starts in all competitions and has not featured at all since the clash with Arsenal on January 21, when his error allowed Gabriel Martinelli to score in the 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge.

He was also hauled off after just 34 minutes of the reverse meeting at Emirates Stadium in December after a poor start saw the Blues go a goal down.

That has inevitably led to speculation about Emerson’s long-term future in west London.

His agent, Luis Fernando Garcia, has now confirmed interest from Italy in his services, though he also insists that the defender, who has two and a half years left on his contract, is going to wait until the end of the season before deciding his future.

Willian eager to remain in london

Chelsea Attacker Willian says he is eager to remain in london and has hinted that if he fails to extend his contract at Chelsea, he will look for another london based club to play for.

Writing in a column for The Players' Tribune, Willian said: "I have played for Chelsea for more than six years now, and I can honestly say that I am very happy here.

"If you ask my wife if she wants to leave London, she'll say no. My daughters feel the same way. Of course, Brazil is Brazil, right? It's our home, our culture. We always feel good when we go there on holiday and see family and friends, but London is my second home.

"In fact, I recently passed a British citizenship test. Man, it was hard. It's British history in a nutshell. Some questions are so difficult that not even some of my British friends knew the answers!

"As it turned out, I failed on my first two attempts, but got it on the third. I am now a British citizen!

"So, London is where I want to stay. This is where I have my family, my church. I want my daughters to grow up here."

Thursday, February 20, 2020

"I still have a future at Chelsea"- Ampadu

On loan Chelsea teenager Ethan Ampadu believes he still has a future at Chelsea but insists his primary focus for now is at RB Leipzig

Ampadu told reporters after figuring for the German giants in a 1-0 victory over Tottenham in the last 16 of the Champions League: “I am always watching Chelsea and seeing what is going on.

“It is good to see the young players are shining at the moment. They are in the top four so fingers crossed they can hold on to that.

“I would like to go back, I aim to, but right now I am focused on Leipzig and finishing the season.

“I have not played as much as I would have liked to, but I am definitely learning in training and working hard.

“When this situation came of starting [against Spurs] I knew it was a good opportunity to show what I can do and I'd like to think I've done that.

“I just tried to play my game. I try to be composed and just try to play.”

Chelsea's teenager targeted by European top teams

Chelsea's teenage winger Samuel Illing-Junior is being watched by a host of Europe's top clubs, including Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Ajax and Schalke.
The Blues are keen to keep hold of Illing-Junior but they face losing the 16-year-old for a small compensation fee as his youth contract expires soon and professional terms have not been signed.
PSG and Bayern have had some success in signing youth players from Chelsea, with Marcin Bulka and Jamal Musiala both having left in similar circumstances, while Schalke and Ajax have also been sending scouts to academy games at Cobham to target talent.
England Under-17 international Illing-Junior broke into Chelsea's Under-18 and Under-19 squads ahead of time and he has played in his side's UEFA Youth League campaign.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"I'm 100% focused on Chelsea targets" - Giroud

Olivier Giroud has said he would keep contributing to the Chelsea cause for the remainder of the season despite not getting a move away from the club in January and him being on the fringes in the Chelsea first team.

However, Giroud insists that he remains "100 per cent focused" on his duties at Chelsea at the moment, as he targets a place in Didier Deschamps' France squad for Euro 2020.

"I’m a Chelsea player so now I need to move on and look forward," Giroud told the club's official website. "I want to give everything for the team and it’s a personal target for me to play as much as I can to play the Euros with my country.

"Right now, I’m 100% focused on Chelsea’s targets and I want to keep fighting to come back on to the team sheet and the scoresheet. Every single game is a big opportunity for me to show my desire to do that."

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kovacic: "we need to wake up and prove we are great"

Mateo Kovacic has challenged his team that they should show they have what it takes to mount a substantial bid for the top four.

The Croatia international told the club’s official website on the back of a frustrating evening against United: “We need to improve a lot because we have tough games ahead of us and we have to be focused.

“We have to train hard every day, to prepare our games better and try to avoid our mistakes because we are making too many mistakes in these kind of matches and you get punished.

“We have a good week ahead of us to prepare for Tottenham and to play a good match. We know this match means a lot for us because Tottenham are close behind us so we need to prepare ourselves quite a lot to win this game at home.

“We are still fourth so we are still in a good position but we need to wake up because they are coming from behind. We need to play these next games like we were playing in the beginning of the season and change some things as well, obviously.”

Monday, February 17, 2020

Maguire: " I had no intent to hurt Batshuayi"

Harry Maguire has come out to defend himself regarding an incident involving Michy Batshuayi saying he was only trying to protect himself after thinking the blues striker was going to fall on him.

"I know I caught him and I felt he was going to fall on me and my natural reaction was to straighten my leg to stop him," he said to Sky Sports after the game.

"It wasn't a kick out and there was no intent. I think it's the right decision. I knew I'd caught him but that I had no intent to hurt him. It was just a natural reaction. I apologised to him and it was nice that the referee saw sense."

Raiola hits back at Solskjaer: "Paul is Paul Pogba's"

Paul Pogba's agent, Mino Raiola, has hit back at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over the Manchester United manager's claims that the midfielder belongs to the club.

A foot injury has kept Pogba out of action since late December, limiting him to just seven Premier League appearances this season.

His struggles at Old Trafford have raised speculation that he could be on his way out and Raiola added fuel to the fire last week when he hinted that the France star could return to Juventus at the end of the season.    

Solskjaer responded to Raiola's claim by stating that the Red Devils are in control of his future, telling reporters: "I've not spoken to Mino, that is for sure. And, no, I haven't sat down and told Paul to tell Mino what he should say.

"Paul is our player and not Mino's."

And Raiola took to Instagram to take a dig back at Solskjaer on Monday evening, reminding him that the France star is his own man.

"Paul is not mine and for sure not Solskjaer’s property, Paul is Paul Pogba’s," Raiola wrote.

"You cannot own a human being already for a long time in the UK or anywhere else. I hope Solskjaer does not want to suggest that Paul is his prisoner.

"But before Solskjaer makes comments about things I say he should inform himself better about the content of what has been said.


"I am a free citizen who can think and express my thoughts. Until now I was maybe too nice to him. Solskjaer should just remember things that he said in the summer to Paul.

"I think Solskjaer may be frustrated for different reasons and is now mixing up some issues.

"I think that Solskjaer has other things to worry about. At least if I was him I would."

Lampard:" it's hard to win games if you don't score goals."

On the Aftermath of Monday night's game, Chelsea Boss Frank Lampard has been sharing his post-match thoughts to the media.

Lampard to Sky Sports on some controversial incidents in the game: "Maguire should have been sent off, that's clear & that obviously changes the game. Azpilicueta gets shoved so the goal should stand. Giroud was a toenail offside & that one I understand.I don't get why they aren't looking at the monitor. It should be used.

Frank Lampard reports on the injury that forced Kante off early on. 'It's an adductor injury. We'll have to assess it but it doesn't look great.'

Lampard on Chelsea's home form struggles: 'We're losing games where we have a lot possession, lots of shots. We're not getting goals from striker areas or from wide areas and it's hard to win games if you don't score goals.'

"It's tough to take on lots of levels, some footballing, some others. It's football and it's life. I'm not complaining about any work ethic from the lads, their heads are down in there. It's a tough night for us.

"It's not a 2-0 game. We have a feeling of Groundhog Day in the stadium. I don't know how many shots we had but it was a lot. If we don't score, you can't win football games. They get clearer every week. We are fourth and the season starts here. People didn't expect us to be fourth but we are.

"We are fourth because of some of the good stuff we have done and because of the nature of the league with everyone taking points off each other. I'm not soft, I can criticise the team. We can bemoan our luck sometimes, yes, but if we are not finishing chances we can't win games. I feel like a broken record."

 "I don’t like losing & the way we are losing games. Lots of shots on goal & around goal. It isn’t enough goals from the middle or wide areas. You have to get a superiority in the game with goals. You leave teams in the game. We had a couple of silly moments."

Lampard felt Chelsea were the better team again tonight, as we were in previous games against United this season, but not taking chances and giving them two headers in the box from which they scored has decided the game.

Frank also believes Zouma's goal should have stood as there was actually a foul on Azpilicueta in the box. He feels the goal was given and there was nothing clear or obvious to rule it out

Lampard on decisions that cost chelsea tonight: 'They are crucial. Maguire should get a red and then he scores the second goal. That's what VAR was brought in for, to check different angles.'

Frank doesn't want to think about fifth place possibly opening up a Champions League qualification spot.

'We're fourth and it's in our hands. The gap has closed but not many people expected us to be fourth at this stage of the season so the fight starts now.'

Solskjaer: "United were too negative in the first half"

Manchester United Manager Ole Gunnar solskjaer has commended his players for putting in a much better performance in the second half which saw the red devils claim a 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge on Monday night.

Ole gunner solskjaer : “Some good individual performances but first half I think we were too negative. The goals were great and Aaron has been working on his crosses and Martial has been working on getting in the box like that so I’m very happy with that”

“It gives us confidence and gives us a chance. It’s going to be a tight race and we’re not going to get any help from UEFA. We played tonight and then again on Thursday - I cannot for the life of us think why we haven’t played on Saturday tonight”

Ole on Mino Raiola’s comments: “I don’t have to comment through the media, I can probably speak to him myself”

“We keep another clean sheet, that’s four on the bounce now. I think we were a bit leggy but a better second half”

“Paul Pogba is due back in training tomorrow so let's see where he's at.” 

"Chelsea aren't a top team and Ziyech should have gone to Bayern"

Van der Meyde, though, has suggested that the Morocco international should have held out for a more “stable” club than Chelsea and one that can match his ambition immediately.

The former Ajax star, who spent time in English football with Everton, told VTBL: “It’s time for him to leave. Hakim is ready, he has to take the next step.

“The Eredivise is a training party for Ziyech. It makes sense that he looking for a new team. You need that as a top athlete.

“I just didn’t expect him to go to Chelsea. I don’t think it’s a top team nor a stable club. I would have expected Bayern Munich or something of that size.

“Of course, it could be the hierarchy under below Liverpool changes if Manchester City are really punished and maybe Chelsea will benefit from it and they will play for the prizes, but then again, if they play, I don’t think: ‘Wow, I’ll stay at home and watch’.”

"Mou started to lose the dressing room before his sacking in late 2015"

The former Blues midfielder said the Special One started to lose the dressing room years before he was sacked in late 2015.

Ramires joined Chelsea in 2010 when Carlo Ancelotti was manager and was still part of the Blues squad when Jose Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge in 2013. 

The Special One's first season back at Chelsea was, according to Mourinho, one of transition, but the Blues still finished third in the Premier League and reached the Champions League semi-finals.

But Ramires has told that it was the semi-final defeat to Atletico in 2014 where the tide began to turn for Mourinho.

After the game, Mourinho publicly criticised star man Eden Hazard, who fell asleep whilst marking the attacking Juanfran, and the full-back squared for Adrian who fired home. 

Mourinho branded Hazard as not being ‘mentally ready’ to do his defensive work and blamed the Belgian for things going wrong for Chelsea that day. 

Ramires said, “That had a big impact because he started to lose control of the squad,” admits Ramires. “It’s one thing to say something internally, but it’s totally different to criticise someone publicly. 

“Hazard was our main player, and what he did affected Eden’s game. 

“Hazard used to collect the ball and attack the opposition. He started to pass the ball much more, and we missed our main attacking threat.”

While Chelsea won the Premier League the following season, Ramires added that the ill-feeling from the Atletico defeat the season before still remained in the air amongst the Chelsea players. 

The Brazilian midfielder said that other players began to jump on the anti-Mourinho bandwagon which came to a head in the 2015/16 in the season the Portuguese manager was sacked.

Ramires added: “The atmosphere became really heavy. There were guys who were already angry because they weren’t playing. 

“When something like that happened with Hazard, those who weren’t playing had another ally against the manager. 

“It became a snowball that only got bigger. It reached a stage where nothing would smother the incident "

Chelsea ready to meet asking price for Inter's Matias Vecino

Chelsea have reportedly agreed to meet the €28m asking price for Inter midfielder Matias Vecino, who was also linked with Everton.

The 28-year-old Uruguay international has fallen down the pecking order with the arrival of Christian Eriksen from Tottenham Hotspur in January.

Vecino had already been very close to the exit last month, but Everton and Chelsea were unable to agree terms.

According to the Sunday Express newspaper, Chelsea are now ready to pay the €28m asking price for Vecino over the summer.

Inter purchased him from Fiorentina in 2017 for €24m and he has spent most of his career in Italy with Fiorentina, Cagliari and Empoli.

He has made 20 competitive appearances for the Nerazzurri this season, contributing three goals and one assist.

His contract at San Siro is due to expire in June 2022.

Kante: "It’s an important game for both teams"

Chelsea Midfielder N'golo kante has been speaking about the challenge of Manchester united and how he spent the premier league winter break.

‘We are having an important time of the season because we are all fighting for the fourth position,’ he said, reflecting on a battle for Champions League qualification that features most teams in the top half of the table at this moment in time.

‘We all know that Man United at home is a very difficult game, especially after what happened in the first game but we don’t look at this. We just look forward because we want to keep the gap and so that’s why we need to win, not to get revenge.’

 ‘Man United were a bit behind but now they have closed the gap so it’s a big opportunity either for us to keep them behind or for them to close the gap more. It’s an important game for both teams.

I spent time with family and friends at home in Paris, just chilling,’ he revealed. ‘It’s a nice thing, a new thing in the Premier League and it’s good for the players. I could focus on my family without thinking too much about football.

 ‘It’s important for us and the fans so we need them to keep supporting us as they always do and we will try to give our best to make them proud,’ he added.

‘We have come back and tried to get a good fitness, to be prepared for the next game because we need to make sure we get the three points.’

‘I believe we have the team to get what we want this season - to finish in the top four, get Champions League football next season and why not to win a title as well. We have everything that we need in this team.’

‘These are important games for the rest of our season because in the league there is a lot of competition for the top four. We know that Bayern Munich are a good team so we have to fight to go through from the last-16 and we know all about Liverpool as well.

‘The FA Cup is a beautiful cup in England and it can be another trophy for us. These are important games and we hope to manage them in the best way.’

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Boulahrouz on why Ziyech joined Chelsea

Former Chelsea star Khalid Boulahrouz on the reason why Hakim Ziyech has agreed to join Chelsea: 

“He is a player who wants to play football forward. With football that fits Ziyech. You can see that in the players around him. Mount, Willian & Tammy promote the vision of Lampard and that is important for Ziyech"

“Even in the Premier League, Chelsea wants to solve everything by playing football. That is also nice for the ordinary football fan. I think the Chelsea before Lampard would have been less suitable for Hakim. Then the football there, as I call it, was not positive"

 "Ziyech has been very satisfied with Ajax in recent years and in that period the necessary clubs have also come along. Now at Chelsea he ends up with a team where everything is perfectly arranged and in a city where it is great to live."

Lampard:" I need the young players to do their thing"

Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard says it is critical times for the blues and that his young guns must step up and improve their performance levels as the latter part of the season approaches.

Lampard: “You must always drive yourself and drive yourself and, if there’s times when you’re not necessarily at your best, you need to drive yourself again."

 “It’s a critical time for us and I need the young players to do their thing. I think when you come through this academy, you should understand what playing for the first team at #Chelsea looks like.

“The young players have made a great impact this season and we’ve had reliance on them to a degree, because we knew we couldn’t bring anyone in at the start. Through the season I think there are going to be some difficult times”

 “There’s been tough little times recently and I think it’s up to them now. They’ve shown they’re part of this first-team squad and they’ve all had their good inputs but I want more and I think I want more now"

“if you look at Tammy Abraham at the moment, and maybe Mason [Mount], I think the break was particularly good for them as they can come back and hopefully show more levels in their game.”

 “I always like to reflect on myself and how I work. When you’re a new manager at a club, and I only came in last summer, you always think: ‘What small tweaks can I make to how we prepare and how we train daily?’ “

Lampard on top 4 race: "I'm certainly up for it. United and Tottenham, they're on our tails. We had a difficult patch, we dropped points, so it was good to get away from each other, to recharge and reboot. Now let's go head-to-head with strong teams."

"I don't have to play Tammy — he has to show me why, of our three strikers, he deserves it. The ban forced my hand slightly but I knew the fans wanted to see young players. I knew how much the academy put into these players."

Saturday, February 15, 2020

"Hazard was our best player but what Mou did him affected everyone"

 Hazard was our best player but what Mourinho did to him affected everyone – Ramires

Former Chelsea midfielder, Ramires, says forward, Eden Hazard, was the club’s best player, but what former Blues manager, Jose Mourinho, did to him at Stamford Bridge in 2014 affected the whole squad.

Mourinho had publicly criticised Hazard for lacking defensive work after Atletico Madrid defeated Chelsea 3-1 on aggregate in the 2014 UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg encounter at Stamford Bridge following a goalless draw in the first leg in Spain.

Ramires believes Mourinho, who is presently the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, started to lose the dressing room following his criticism on Hazard months before the club dismissed him in late 2015.

He also said that Hazard, who is currently playing for Real Madrid, used to collect the ball and attack the opponent, but the Belgian started to pass the ball much more, and that affected Chelsea’s attack.

“The public criticising of Hazard had a big impact because Mourinho started to lose control of the squad,” Ramires told FourFourTwo.

“It is one thing to say something internally, but it’s different to criticise someone publicly.

“Hazard was our best player, and what Mourinho did affect his style play.

“He used to take the ball and attack the opponent.

“Hazard started to pass the ball much more, and we missed our main attacking threat.”

“The atmosphere became heavy. Some guys were already angry because they weren’t playing,” 

Mark Lawrenson backing Chelsea to beat United

Mark Lawrenson states his prediction for Chelsea FC v Man United

Mark Lawrenson is backing Chelsea FC to ease to a 2-0 win against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on Monday night.
The Blues will be looking to extend their advantage over Manchester United in the race to secure the final Champions League spot.

Chelsea FC are currently in fourth spot and six points ahead of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, who are in seventh place behind Sheffield United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Frank Lampard’s side are winless in their last three Premier League games to give the chasing pack some hope of overhauling Chelsea FC in the top-four race.

The Blues failed to make any signings in the January transfer window despite having their transfer ban overturned.

Manchester United are also winless in their last three Premier League fixtures, having failed to find the net against Liverpool FC, Burnley or Wolves.

However, Solskjaer can call upon new signings Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo for the clash at Stamford Bridge.

Former Liverpool FC defender Lawrenson is backing Chelsea FC to beat Manchester United on Monday night.

“I am not expecting to see any massive difference in the way Manchester United line up, or the way they play,” Lawrenson told BBC Sport.

“Yes, Bruno Fernandes has had a bit more time to settle in but I don’t think their other major January signing, Odion Ighalo, will start.

Chelsea willing to let four players leave in the summer

Chelsea FC to let these four players leave in the summer – report

Chelsea FC are preparing to let four first-team stars leave Stamford Bridge after confirming their first signing of the summer, according to reports.
The Daily Mirror is reporting that the Blues are ready to let Olivier Giroud, Pedro, Willian and Michy Batshuayi leave the west London side in the summer.

The report comes after Chelsea FC confirmed a deal to sign Ajax attacker Hakim Ziyech, with the 26-year-old set to link up with the Blues in the summer.

It is claimed in the same story that a clear-out at Stamford Bridge is likely this summer as Frank Lampard gets to work in the transfer window.

The Blues did not make any new signings in January despite their transfer ban being lifted, so it is assumed that they may be set to make up for lost time in the summer.

The same story says that both Pedro and Giroud are highly likely to leave Stamford Bridge on free transfer this summer when their current contracts expire.

Batshuayi, it is also claimed, is likely to be deemed surplus to requirements by Lampard, with the Belgian forward not having started a game all season.

Willian has been a much more regular fixture in the first team this season but his current deal is also set to expire at the end of the campaign.

Lampard pleased with kepa's reaction to being dropped

'It doesn't matter how much you cost' - Lampard on dropping Kepa

Frank Lampard has been pleased with Kepa Arrizabalaga's reaction to being dropped, but Chelsea's head coach has refused to confirm whether the world's most expensive goalkeeper will return to the starting XI for Monday's home game against Manchester United.

Kepa - a £72 million ($94m) signing from Athletic Bilbao in 2018 - was surprisingly left out for the trip to Leicester City a fortnight ago, with the veteran Willy Caballero handed a rare Premier League start for a game that finished 2-2.

Asked whether his usual number one would return against United, a smiling Lampard told a news conference. "I've decided. You'll find out [on Monday]."

He added: "The reaction has been good, as I'd expect. [He has been] training hard, head down. I haven't had lots of conversations with him this week and it'll be a decision for me to make.

“It doesn’t matter when you came to the club, I don’t take into account the fee. It’s the training that counts."

When it was suggested he may have been looking to give Kepa a "wake-up call", Lampard replied: "I wouldn't say that. I wasn't looking for that necessarily. I think I spoke around the Leicester game and said that I have to pick the team as I see it on form in every position, so it was just a selection on that day.

"Now I know with goalkeepers there's a bit more to it than that. We know it's a slightly different role than everybody else. But I want everybody's reaction all the time to be spot on and he came out the team, I know what that means, I know how that will feel for him.

"Every player has it, maybe [Lionel] Messi is the only one who doesn't, or [Cristiano] Ronaldo, but the rest of us do. And I had it in my career many a time, it's part and parcel of being a footballer and you have to show character in those little moments.

"I've been pleased with the reaction."

Friday, February 14, 2020

"Sancho warned from joining Manchester united"

Glen Johnson has warned Jadon Sancho from joining Manchester United. He sees Liverpool or Chelsea as a better fit for him 

Johnson concedes that a move looks likely, but the former Three Lions defender has urged Sancho to consider his options carefully.

He told talkSPORT: “Pretty much everyone that can afford his transfer fee are going to want him, so he can take his time to choose his next club.

“But I think it would be the wrong decision to sign for Man United.

“If he goes to a team like United at the moment, of course it’s a fantastic club and it would look great on his CV, but the team are not where they should be and I think as a young kid they would put too much pressure on him from day one.

“A young lad like that shouldn’t have to fly the flag for a club like United. I think he’d feel the pressure coming to the Premier League anywhere, so to carry that with him as well would be tough.

“Marcus Rashford is flying the flag for them now and his body is feeling the punishment. With young kids you’ve got to be careful because some of them are still growing.

“If he was to go to Chelsea or Liverpool or maybe a club in Spain, because he won’t be needed to come straight in and impress, they would bleed him into the team over time which would help his development. He might not be guaranteed to start every week, but he’d be doing it in the right way.

“Whereas if he went to United, yes he’d start every week but the team are struggling so it would be hard for him to find his feet.”

Jadon Sancho Erling Haaland Borussia Dortmund

Pressed further on why Anfield or Stamford Bridge would be better destinations for Sancho, former Liverpool and Chelsea full-back Johnson added: “It [a move to Liverpool] might not be the best decision for him today, at the moment they’ve got the perfect side, but in two years’ time he could be well amongst it. He’d still only be 21.

“I’m not suggesting he’d stall his career for two years, I’d expect him to be knocking on the door and obviously it just takes one injury [for him to get a chance].

“But Liverpool’s foundations are set in stone and I just think they’d bleed him into the team in the right manner.

“Lamps would definitely look after him at Chelsea, and then there’s the attraction of London.

“While Manchester United are sliding down, Chelsea are on their way up with loads of young players and I could see that being a perfect fit for him.

“To have too many youngsters when the team is going down is not a good thing, but put the youngsters into a team that’s flourishing, on its way up and positive, then it’s going to be easier for them to perform.

“There would be pressure on Jadon from day one if he goes to United.”

Zouma: "Mourinho told me I was rubbish"

Kurt Zouma has opened up about a particular incident between him and Jose Mourinho after he put in a particularly poor performance away from home.

“I cannot remember which match we were playing, we were losing 3-1, away from home,” Zouma told RMC Sport 

“The following day, he [Mourinho] catches up with me, he takes me to his office, and he asks me if I am ok. I said yes, he asked me if I was sure. 

“I said yes again, he replied ‘Because you were rubbish this weekend.’ Like that, direct. It shocked me, but it made me want to immediately respond on the pitch. 

“I remember that it hurt me, that it affected me. But I really wanted to show him that I could react.”

Lampard's pre-match conference ahead of United clash

Frank Lampard addressed the media ahead of Chelsea's clash at home to Manchester United.

 Lampard on Chelsea's tough schedule 

🗣"It could possibly define our season but there's a long way to go no matter what"

 Frank Lampard describes Ziyech as "Fantastic Player" and said "I know a lot about him. I Know his qualities, he's a player we hope can bring creativity, It's exciting for us as a club & for the Fans" 

 Lampard on Ziyech: “I think he’s a fantastic player. He first came into my eye-line in their run in the Champions League last year. I thought he was one of their standout players, particularly in their games against Tottenham. 

 "He’s got a great left foot and plays generally off the right-hand side but can play behind the front man. Probably when you look at us this season there have been game where we may have maybe struggled to unlock the door." 

 "He’s certainly a player we hope can bring that bit of creativity and something different for us. He scores goals, assists. I know he's not coming now but I think it’s exciting for us as a club and the fans to know that he’ll be here next year.” 

 Lampard on with injury news. He says Christian Pulisic won't be fit for Monday's game, but is building up his fitness. Ruben Loftus-Cheek is also not available but is getting closer to selection. The boss is hopeful Tammy Abraham will be able to play. 

Lampard notes the goals we conceded on the opening day at Old Trafford were indicative of their style of play and something we should be wary of on Monday, even if he stresses this is a different game. 

Lampard praises Kepa's reaction to being dropped in our last league game, at Leicester, saying he has been training hard and has displayed good character since. Lampard knows who will start in goal on Monday but won't reveal it yet! 

Asked for his Valentine's Day plans, Lampard says he'll be watching Wolves v Leicester with a takeaway, and then Love Island afterwards! 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Glen Johnson surprised at the signing of Ziyech

Former Chelsea star Glen Johnson admits he is surprised his old side have been able to sign Hakim Ziyech for a cut-price fee.

Frank Lampard was left frustrated after Chelsea were unable to strengthen their squad in January, but plans for a summer rebuild are already well underway.

Ziyech, who starred when Ajax drew 4-4 at Stamford Bridge earlier this season, will move to west London at the end of the current campaign for an initial fee believed to be in the region of £37.8million.

Manchester United recently signed Bruno Fernandes for £46.6m, a player of similar experience, and Johnson, who made 41 appearances for Chelsea, believes the Blues are getting a great deal.

He told talkSPORT: ‘I think he’ll be a great signing and from the prices that are knocking around these days that could turn out to be cheap.

OFFICIAL: Chelsea Agree fee for the transfer of Hakim Ziyech

Ajax has confirmed that a fee has been agreed with Chelsea for the transfer of Hakim Ziyech.

A statement on Ajax's official website reads: "Ajax and Chelsea have reached an agreement for the transfer of Hakim Ziyech.

"The player will join the Premier League club on July 1st 2020 and will finish the season in Amsterdam.

"The clubs have agreed a deal of €40 million euros. This sum could potentially increase to a maximum of €4 million, with variable factors."


It reads: "A Moroccan international, Ziyech is a left-footed attacker who is comfortable playing off the right flank and coming inside, as he has often done in recent years to such devastating effect for Ajax, or on the left to attack with width and deliver into the box.

"The 26-year-old possesses awareness on the ball, is technically capable of executing very difficult passes to break down compact defences, and is also a set-piece specialist, particularly with vicious inswingers from the right side. 

"He has been a prolific scorer throughout his career, with over 100 goals for club and country."

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Chelsea have reached an agreement with Ajax for Ziyech

Chelsea have AGREED a €45m deal with Ajax for the transfer of Hakim Ziyech in the summer.

Goal can confirm that the blues have reached a verbal agreement for the Ajax Creative Midfielder.

In the Winter Transfer  window, rumours were linking the blues to the Ajax Man.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Gilmour promoted to the Blues Senior Squad

Chelsea Teenager Billy Gilmour has been promoted to the blues 1st team moving forward.

.@billygilmourrr has officially moved into the first team building and will form part of Frank Lampard's senior squad going forward and he has described the moment has a dream come true for him.

"I went with the squad to Leicester and even though I wasn’t involved, the gaffer pulled me afterwards to tell me that after the winter break I’d be with the first-team permanently.' 

 ‘It’s a dream come true for me. It’s the first big step I think, moving into the first team dressing room at a club like Chelsea. It’s massive for me.’

‘Age isn’t really an issue here. The gaffer has shown that if you work hard and perform well, then you will get opportunities. Hopefully I can keep pushing on and work hard every day in training.’

‘Knowing that the manager has such faith in you is massive, it gives me so much confidence when I step onto the field. It’s really good knowing that he trusts in you and likes the way you play, and I think that’s the same for everyone here.’

Ighalo to be included in Squad to face Chelsea

Manchester United's Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed that new signing Odion Ighalo would be included in the squad to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Next week.

"Yeah, he is going to travel with us. We will just see his fitness work this week and I think we will get him sharp," Solskjaer told United's official website.

"We want to integrate him as quickly as we can because, of course, he is desperate to play for us.”

When asked how the rest of the squad have been progressing in Spain during the Premier League's winter break, Solskjaer responded: “Yeah, it's very good. I think the boys enjoyed a break, they needed a break, but now they are back, focused and they have been working well.

"Of course with the weather back home as well, this has been an even bigger plus for us. Being in Europe, because the travel isn't too far, is also a good point because we don't have too many days before we have to go back and get ready for Chelsea.”

Chelsea back in training for United Clash

The Chelsea players have resumed training in preparation for an heavyweight clash against Manchester United

The training session spans the end of the premier league winter break in which premier league clubs had some days rest after an hectic festive period.

Ruben Loftus-cheek was involved in training session after commencing light training.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Chelsea Youth 7-0 Wolves Youth

Full Time: Chelsea Youth 7-0 Wolves Youth 

The Blues cruise into the last eight of the youth cup with their biggest win of the season. Marcel Lewis leads the way with a hat-trick while Maatsen, Anjorin, Peart-Harris and Simons also scored.

After Beating wolves on Monday, the blues will now face fellow London opposition in Millwall in the last eight

McTominay back to full training ahead of Chelsea Clash

Manchester United handed boost as Scott McTominay joins full training with his fellow teammates last sunday

Scott McTominay has traveled to Malaga with his team-mates for Manchester United's warm weather training camp, providing them a boost as he returns to fitness.
He was originally reported to have been left out of the trip alongside Paul Pogba who has also been out injured recently.

However, he was pictured taking part in their training session on Sunday as they prepare for a clash against Chelsea on February 17.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Chelsea set to receive fresh kit offer next season

Chelsea are set to receive a fresh look in the 2020/21 season after a representative of supplier Nike confirmed that kit templates will be ditched. 

The Blues currently have a £60 million-a-season deal with the kit supplier which began in 2017, and will run for 15 seasons.

Nigeria have benefitted off of the Nike design, as have the USMNT who recently announced their new kits.

Melchiot Backs Lampard's decision in dropping kepa

Former Blues defender Mario Melchiot has said that Kepa Arrizabalaga is in danger of losing his place in the first team if he continues to be a "liability".

Asked if the Argentine should remain in the team, Melchiot told Sky Sports News: "As long as he keeps performing.

"We all know Caballero; sometimes he gets too comfortable on the ball and takes too much time.

“I don't want him to take any risks - just play a simple game, like you expect a goalkeeper to do.

"If he does that, I don't see how Kepa is going to get his spot back."

Kepa, 25, has come in for criticism this season after a number of unconvincing performances.

Prior to the Leicester game, he had played every game for Chelsea in the Premier League this season, with Caballero preferred in the cup competitions.

"We have become a lot of People's second team"

Jody Morris has said he is delighted that Chelsea Youngsters are been given a place in the first team and says it is the reward of putting faith in the youth that has been paramount to Chelsea's success this season 

Assistant coach Morris told the club’s official website: “We’re almost becoming a lot of people’s favourite second team now because of the amount of young English players that have been getting opportunities.

“I’ve always been a massive advocate for playing young players but they have to be good enough, they have to pull their weight and be professional, they have to want to play for Chelsea and put the hard hours in.

“If you have an academy like ours, why would you not look at the ones that are good enough?

“Thankfully, the way we raise the young players here, they’ve come over and wanted to grab their opportunities, hence why there have been so many debuts and so many minutes given to the home-grown players this season.”

Jody Morris

Jorginho could still leave Chelsea - Agent

Jorginho's agent Joao Santos has said there could be possibilities for his client to leave Chelsea in the next transfer window provided the offer is right.

Why not?" Santos told Tuttomercatoweb when asked if Jorginho could leave Chelsea.

"I am sure that some important proposals will come, which we would obviously evaluate together with Chelsea."

PL clubs adopt new change to the summer transfer window

Premier league clubs have agreed to change the summer transfer window back to September 1 in the 2020/2021 season.

In a statement, the Premier League said: "At a Shareholders’ Meeting today, Premier League clubs voted to adopt a change to the Summer Transfer Window closing date for season 2020/21. 

"This will move the closing date back to the traditional point at the end of August/early September.

"The 2020 closing date will therefore be 17:00 BST on 1 September (31 August 2020 being a UK Bank Holiday). 

"Clubs agreed after discussing the topic at length at previous Shareholders' Meetings."

The Premier league also confirmed that the 2020/2021 season will kickoff on August 8, 2020.

Kovacic: Lampard is an exceptional manager

Mateo Kovacic says he is pleased that Chelsea have moved on from Sarri to Lampard who he draws comparison with Zidane.

The Croatia international midfielder toldFourFourTwo: “I came to Chelsea under Sarri, but I must say that Lampard is an exceptional manager.

“He has kept the character he had as a player in his personality as a coach, which has inspired all of us.

“He commits himself with everything he’s got. Training is always challenging and different from last season.

“That’s probably the main difference between Lampard and Sarri, who made the concept of training quite monotonous.

“There were a lot of similar training sessions with a focus on tactical preparation.

“[Zinedine] Zidane was similar to the way Frank Lampard is a coaching, and their approaches really suit.”

Chelsea the preferred destination for Andre Onana

Chelsea have emerged as the preferred destination for Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana this summer, with the Blues considering whether to replace Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Kepa was dropped for Saturday's draw with Leicester City, with Willy Caballero preferred by manager Frank Lampard at the King Power Stadium.

That decision was taken off the back of some disappointing performances from Spain international Kepa, who is two years into a seven-year deal at Stamford Bridge.

Onana, meanwhile, has two years left on his contract with Ajax and is keen to move on at the end of the season.

The Cameroon international sees the Premier League as an ideal landing spot, and it is understood that recent concerns over Kepa's form have led Onana to believe that Stamford Bridge can be the perfect place for him to establish himself in the English game.

A product of Barcelona's La Masia academy, it has long been thought that the Spanish champions would be at the front of the queue for the 23-year-old should he look to depart the Johan Cruyff ArenA