Monday, February 17, 2020

"Chelsea aren't a top team and Ziyech should have gone to Bayern"

Van der Meyde, though, has suggested that the Morocco international should have held out for a more “stable” club than Chelsea and one that can match his ambition immediately.

The former Ajax star, who spent time in English football with Everton, told VTBL: “It’s time for him to leave. Hakim is ready, he has to take the next step.

“The Eredivise is a training party for Ziyech. It makes sense that he looking for a new team. You need that as a top athlete.

“I just didn’t expect him to go to Chelsea. I don’t think it’s a top team nor a stable club. I would have expected Bayern Munich or something of that size.

“Of course, it could be the hierarchy under below Liverpool changes if Manchester City are really punished and maybe Chelsea will benefit from it and they will play for the prizes, but then again, if they play, I don’t think: ‘Wow, I’ll stay at home and watch’.”

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