Monday, February 17, 2020

Lampard:" it's hard to win games if you don't score goals."

On the Aftermath of Monday night's game, Chelsea Boss Frank Lampard has been sharing his post-match thoughts to the media.

Lampard to Sky Sports on some controversial incidents in the game: "Maguire should have been sent off, that's clear & that obviously changes the game. Azpilicueta gets shoved so the goal should stand. Giroud was a toenail offside & that one I understand.I don't get why they aren't looking at the monitor. It should be used.

Frank Lampard reports on the injury that forced Kante off early on. 'It's an adductor injury. We'll have to assess it but it doesn't look great.'

Lampard on Chelsea's home form struggles: 'We're losing games where we have a lot possession, lots of shots. We're not getting goals from striker areas or from wide areas and it's hard to win games if you don't score goals.'

"It's tough to take on lots of levels, some footballing, some others. It's football and it's life. I'm not complaining about any work ethic from the lads, their heads are down in there. It's a tough night for us.

"It's not a 2-0 game. We have a feeling of Groundhog Day in the stadium. I don't know how many shots we had but it was a lot. If we don't score, you can't win football games. They get clearer every week. We are fourth and the season starts here. People didn't expect us to be fourth but we are.

"We are fourth because of some of the good stuff we have done and because of the nature of the league with everyone taking points off each other. I'm not soft, I can criticise the team. We can bemoan our luck sometimes, yes, but if we are not finishing chances we can't win games. I feel like a broken record."

 "I don’t like losing & the way we are losing games. Lots of shots on goal & around goal. It isn’t enough goals from the middle or wide areas. You have to get a superiority in the game with goals. You leave teams in the game. We had a couple of silly moments."

Lampard felt Chelsea were the better team again tonight, as we were in previous games against United this season, but not taking chances and giving them two headers in the box from which they scored has decided the game.

Frank also believes Zouma's goal should have stood as there was actually a foul on Azpilicueta in the box. He feels the goal was given and there was nothing clear or obvious to rule it out

Lampard on decisions that cost chelsea tonight: 'They are crucial. Maguire should get a red and then he scores the second goal. That's what VAR was brought in for, to check different angles.'

Frank doesn't want to think about fifth place possibly opening up a Champions League qualification spot.

'We're fourth and it's in our hands. The gap has closed but not many people expected us to be fourth at this stage of the season so the fight starts now.'

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