Saturday, February 22, 2020

Mourinho: " No one leaked anything to me"

Mourinho has said that he only guessed the system and tactics that the blues were going to put in show today on the back of a 2-1 loss and dismissed Lampard's claims of another espionage incident.

"Serious, that's the world we live in. I am not being sinister about it, but it is the world we live in," the manager replied when asked if he thought Mourinho had a mole inside his coaching staff. 

"When someone has worked at the club previously, I think that can happen. When you have been working on a back three for two or three days, I am not that trusting always in terms of everybody but that's life."

Mourinho gave the idea short shrift, suggesting that Lampard's switches were entirely consistent with his previous behaviour. 

"I guessed because there is a logic to it," he told reporters. 

"When they have a run of bad results, they go to five, when they have a run of bad results they go to Alonso and that's what they did when they played against Lille and against us in the first match.

"That's what of course I knew they were going to do today again. It's obvious. When they're in a run of good results, they go to different players.

"When they are in trouble, five at the back and Alonso. No one leaked me anything. They are loyal to him."

Saturday's defeat leaves Spurs four points shy of their London rivals in fourth place, and they could drop out of the top five altogether if Sheffield United and/or Manchester United record victories at the weekend.

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