Monday, March 2, 2020

Burley: Lampard's beef with Kepa has to stop

Craig Burley says any issue between Lampard and Kepa has to put out for the sake of the team moving forward.

The former Blues midfielder told ESPN FC: “The worrying thing is he [Lampard] is continuing his – I would say ‘in-fight’ is the wrong word, but ‘beef’ with Kepa, with Willy Caballero starting again.

“All it’s going to do is results will become so inconsistent that it’s going to pile on pressure as to ‘why?’

“We know you don’t fancy him but he’s a better goalkeeper and the chasing pack are coming.

“We need Champions League football next year, and are we on a ‘grudge’ thing here with Kepa or do you really think Willy Caballero is the better option?

“I don’t think many would really put that up as an argument.”

Burley added: “I’m not suggesting Kepa’s been in the greatest form, because he hasn’t.

“But Willy Caballero is a back-up goalkeeper now, or a cup goalkeeper for them. Clearly there’s some discord here between the record-signing goalkeeper and the manager.

“Ultimately the bigger picture is Champions League football for this club next season. The transfer ban has ended and Champions League football is one of the ways of enticing better players.

“From a personal issue, it is vital they get this knocked off because with Manchester United picking up, with Wolves hanging around, there is no guarantee at this moment in time that Chelsea will make that top four.”

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