Thursday, March 5, 2020

Gilmour reveals word of advice he got from Fabregas

Billy Gilmour has come out to reveal the word of advice from former Blue Cesc Fabregas which gave him a huge talent.

"Yes, I did see it [after the Grimsby game],” the starlet said. “One of my friends text me, I was buzzing. When I first came to Chelsea it was with the IEP (video analysis youth programme), so you had to focus yourself on a player and mine was Cesc.

“I loved how he played so I just went and watched a lot of videos of him. Now I have got older, I just try to put it into the games and it's working. But no, he is a role model of mine. I never ever trained with the first-team with him, so when he was away I got opportunities around there.”

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