Monday, March 2, 2020

Klopp: There are no favourites in tomorrow's game.

Jurgen Klopp says the Liverpool fans are not paranoid about the ongoing Corona virus which many believe could derail their title hunt this season.

"I don't think our fans are paranoid," Klopp said when quizzed about the coronavirus threat ahead of Liverpool's FA Cup fifth-round tie against Chelsea.

"I can't believe Liverpool fans are thinking about it and I actually speak to Liverpool fans. 

"If anybody wants to ask me about that and how much sense it would make to delete all the results of this season and tell me who will play next year in the Champions League and stuff like this, it would be really interesting. 

"Nice story, obviously some newspapers have always to write something but when I saw it the first time I really thought, 'Wow, really somebody thinks something like that?'

"Liverpool fans are really not silly enough to believe in these things."

On Tuesday, Klopp's side travel to Stamford Bridge for the next round of the FA Cup and the German insists the match is not necessarily a release from the pressures of the Premier League and Champions League.

"We never really think about lesser pressure, we are Liverpool, we are always under pressure," he added. 

"We play away at Chelsea and everyone expects us to win there, which is difficult, was always difficult, will always be difficult. 

"There's for sure no favourite in this game and if [there is] then it's Chelsea because they play at home."

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