Monday, April 13, 2020

Hoddle: Lampard can make Chelsea great again

Former Chelsea player and coach Glen hoddle says Frank Lampard can make Chelsea Champions again if given a clear transfer policy to take his team Forward.

“When you look at the squad you have to wonder what is going on above him in terms of recruitment.

“For me, Frank needs a clear transfer policy to take his team forward.

“He has been getting it right on the training pitch, on the football side, but the next big phase for him will be how the club operate in the transfer market.

“If Frank gets the players he wants, not the players someone else wants, he has an excellent chance, in two or three years’ time, of having the right squad and the right team to challenge for the Premier League title.

“Chelsea have to treat Frank exactly the way Liverpool treated Jurgen Klopp, give him the time to rebuild, give him the players he wants.

“He needs a clearly defined pathway, a clear line of communication, which I don’t think has always been the case in the past.

“If I was a Chelsea fan, I’d think their team is in the right hands, as Frank is doing an excellent job under the circumstances and the future will be bright.”

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