Friday, April 17, 2020

Willian uneasy about plans to resume the league

Willian says he is uneasy about talks of resuming the premier league season as the safety of families should be the top priority.

Willian said, as quoted by Associated Press: "If we restart playing without fans but there’s contact on the pitch and maybe we can spread the virus between us.

"It’s not a bad idea but they have to know very carefully what’s going to happen. Maybe a player can have the virus and we play against each other, you know?

"I play against someone and I get the virus then I go home after the game to stay with my family and pass the virus to my wife or daughters. So we have to be careful about that."

Willian also said that he is has no problem continuing to play for Chelsea till the season ends even as his contract is set to expire soon.

Willian said: "I want to give everything for Chelsea until the end like I always did, until the end of my contract, until the end of the league.

"I have to discuss with the club to see what we are going to do, but for me, from my side, I have no problem to play until the end of the season."

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