Saturday, May 16, 2020

Abraham admits to taking inspiration from Michael Jordan

Tammy Abraham has admitted to taken inspiration from Chicago Bulls Legend Michael Jordan while watching the “Last dance” Movie on Netflix.

The Blues Striker is looking to be back to action and ready to go whenever the season resumes.

The Englishman who has scored 15 goals for Chelsea this season told DailyMail and he is quoted as saying: 
Watching this motivates me and there's one thing that caught my mind. Michael Jordan lost a game and he made up things in his head about what someone said to him. 

“That person didn't actually say it but he used that to go into the next game and to drive him on to be the best.

“The incident did happen against Liverpool where I missed a penalty and received a lot of abuse and for me it's just like Michael Jordan, it's about coming out and proving them wrong. It's about being at this club, being the main man, being the striker.

“My dad spoke to me at breakfast and he said, ‘I know you've watched Michael Jordan and you're motivated to go back to football. When you're ready go out there and do the best you can’.

“I miss football, just miss scoring goals, seeing the fans and being with my team-mates, having a smile on my face. If it's safe to do so, I want to finish the job. If not, then go into the next season.”

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