Friday, May 8, 2020

Cech: “I played with broken shoulders at Chelsea “

Petr Cech has come to reveal that he had been playing and training with broken shoulders right from his first season at Chelsea to his second season before suffering a career threatening head injury against Reading in October 2006.

The Blues Legend had surgery after the 2006 world cup and he says he was felt better after the surgery.

Petr Cech was speaking to the Chelsea official website and he said:  “There was one thing I never talked about, and people didn’t know at the time”

“Halfway through my first season at Chelsea I broke the labrum in my shoulder. I carried on and finished the season.

“It felt like during the summer it would recover. It didn’t! During the second season I already had a massive problem with my shoulder and I was protecting it. 

Then, in the first part of my second season, I did exactly the same thing to my other shoulder. So I played my second season with broken shoulders!

“I was trying to get the pain low for the games and find ways to train properly so I didn’t feel the unbelievable pain every day, which was difficult to avoid.

“I thought about having surgery during the second season, but I didn’t want to risk missing the World Cup in Germany that summer. Nobody really knew how long it would take me to come back.

“To my relief I decided to have the surgery after the World Cup. I came back fast from that and I was enjoying games and not having pain while training and moving. A few games later, we played Reading!”

Petr Cech Chelsea

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