Friday, May 22, 2020

Emerson Open to Serie A return

Emerson Palmieri has refused to turn down a move back to Serie A but said he is in no rush to leave Stamford Bridge as he still has a contract to honour.

The Italian fullback has been linked severally with a move to Roma, Napoli and the likes ever since he got to the premier league in 2018

Now Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, SOCCER PUNCH can confirm his words which read: "I was very happy in Serie A, including with the culture, which is also why I chose to play for Italy," 

"A return to Serie A could happen, but I have a contract with Chelsea and I'm in no rush to go anywhere.

"It has been a wonderful experience at Chelsea, as first there was [Antonio] Conte, so obviously it was easier to deal with an Italian coach.

"As for [Maurizio] Sarri, I've no words for what a marvellous year we had, as we finished third in the Premier League, reached the Carabao Cup final and won the Europa League. We can't complain!"

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