Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ramires: “Lampard destined to become a coach”

Ramires says Current Chelsea Boss Frank Lampard was always destined to being a coach because of his great understanding of the game.

The Brazilian played with the Ex-England International who was hired by Chelsea in 2019 after a trophy laden 13 years as a player.

The ex-Chelsea midfielder told the Mirror about his ex teammate and SOCCER PUNCH quote him: “I knew Frank very well. His understanding of positional play is one of the best I have come across and he was always paying attention to movement so it’s easy if you’ve got eyes for such things.

“He had passion for the game and he had love and the energy was there and when there is that in the eyes as well it’s easy.

“You just have to look at my goal against Barcelona to see his awareness. I remember that I just ran in the direction of the goal to wait for the pass. The ball came and the rest is history.

“Sometimes, I have an impression that this goal is more remembered for Chelsea fans than the title. I can’t find words to describe that moment. I felt truly blessed.”

Chelsea midfielder Ramires

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