Thursday, June 25, 2020

Guardiola: Liverpool played every game liked it was their last

Liverpool won their first League title in 30 years as Manchester City failed to beat Chelsea on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, Manager Pep Guardiola has admitted his side were way short of expectations this season as they couldn’t match the reds’ passion.

The Catalan clearly pointed out in his post-match conference about his side’s recent success over the past few years which couldn’t be matched this season.

“We won eight titles in a row which had never happened before in this country,”  “It can happen to miss one. We lost Vincent Kompany to Anderlecht and had Aymeric Laporte injured. 

“After we won those titles maybe we didn't have the same passion as Liverpool.

After two seasons the gap is big. We were not consistent like the previous seasons. Liverpool won the Champions League and were given confidence. They played every game like it was their last game. In the beginning, we didn't play like that way.

“Congratulations to Liverpool for this great season. We still have five or six weeks to play but we won a lot in the last few years and of course we want to close the gap.

“We cannot forget we are still second in the league so we are better than a lot of the teams.”

When asked about the citizens performance tonight, he said: “In terms of the game, we played good. Not a lot of pressure in the box. But we play in general a good game but our mistakes...” 

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