Friday, June 19, 2020

Lampard:”I’ve been tracking Werner for a long time”

Chelsea Boss Frank Lampard had his first press conference today since over three months ago as he faced news reporters via the Zoom teleconferencing.

The blues are back in premier league action this Sunday away to Aston Villa.

When asked about Chelsea’s new signing, Lampard said: I think he's clearly a player that we liked. 

"I've certainly followed him for a long time myself, individually, just as a talented player, even before I had this job. But as a club, clearly we went for him, and he certainly will strengthen us in my opinion

"He's got huge talent, had a fantastic season this year but before that as well. Where we probably couldn't do as much business in the last couple of windows for whatever reasons, it's given us a chance to see some youth have more time in the team. 

When asked about why Timo Werner choose Chelsea instead of the likes of Liverpool, he replied: I don't know, that's probably a better question to ask Timo himself. 

"We worked as hard as we could. I had good conversations with him personally, where I think he hopefully understands what I want to do here with the club, how we work, how we play. 

"It seemed that it came across as a really exciting prospect for him, because he obviously had some very, very good options. We're happy with that, it was very joined up from our end as to how we went about it, and we're just pleased that Timo has decided to come to us.

"I did speak to him [after confirmation he was joining Chelsea] and he was excited, which is great and I am certainly excited to have him here. We will have to hold our breath slightly because we have business at hand and so does he, finishing their league.

"He is the type of player we are looking at to come here and have a big impact. We will have to give him a bit of time, the Premier League is a different animal to other leagues in world football.

“Obviously I’m very happy to have him here at Chelsea”

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