Monday, June 8, 2020

Leboeuf: Chelsea will need a player like koulibaly

Frank Leboeuf believes Chelsea needs to be strengthening their defensive line too in the wake of going ahead of Liverpool in the race of Timo Werner.

The Former blues defender believes Chelsea will be an ideal club for Koulibaly due to top european clubs already having the best men in their central defence.

Leboeuf told ESPN FC: "I will never ask him to go to Manchester United for many reasons.

"I want him to win some stuff and I think Manchester United is not the club that they used to be and they're not ready to win stuff.

"I think Liverpool would be a good fit with [Virgil] van Dijk, that would be fantastic. Paris Saint-Germain as well with Marquinhos, there would be two great central defenders.

"I think Chelsea will need a player like that. I don't know if Koulibaly will be interested, but even if they have two very good central defenders, Koulibaly I think belongs to another level and would fit very well.

"I know he has a link with Liverpool, Van Dijk and Koulibaly at the back - my God, that's going to be another Red season I guess.

"You have to make a choice at certain points. The question was 'what is the best fit for Koulibaly?' and definitely with Van Dijk, and when you're a defender like Koulibaly, that would be the best central defence in the world."

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