Friday, July 31, 2020

Lampard credits Cech for his support and help

Frank Lampard has credited Petr Cech for helping him in-house at Stamford Bridge in another department of football management.

Petr Cech retired after the 2018/2019 season and was hired to assist Marina Granovskaia in the football recruitment department at the Club.

The 42-year old does not speak to the Owner quite often but has a great relationship with Petr Cech and Marina Granovskaia

“I wouldn’t expect anything [from Abramovich]," 

 "I have a very close relationship with Marina and with Petr. That relationship has been really good and it’s been a real strength.

"It feels like a real strength in the camp that I can speak to Petr regularly. I can speak with Marina and work in a joined-up way in taking the club forward. All of that will come through the owner; it’s his club. It helps a great deal [having technical and performance advisor Cech].

"In terms of on the grass and on the training pitch and working with players and all around the game and how we prepare, I feel that’s somewhere where my playing experience helped me a huge amount because I was trying to take things in all the time.

"Relationships with people upstairs, they are different so I have to say I am very happy to have Petr here because I know him so well, because we get on well, because I trust and value his world and how we speak. There is a real honesty about how we work and how we can speak to each other.

"I trust that he’s been a winner and he knows what it takes to win and I think we have something in common over how we have a real desire to get to that. So, yeah, it’s felt like a strength for us this year. We will be judged, of course, on results as we move forwards but it will certainly not be for want of trying that we want to bring success to the club.

"We work towards the aims that we know and the standards of this club. I am a big boy. I am in this job and I know that there are demands. I would always be ready to take any call or have any meeting because this is my life and I am obsessed with how I can get this club to where it wants to be.

“Coming in the top four, I think we all felt was something we really aimed for this year and we managed to achieve it. Sometimes it was difficult, but I don’t need a phone call or a message or recognition like that because my job when we come fourth this year is to think about how we come higher than fourth next year and close the gap.

“It’ll be similar with whatever the result will be against Arsenal, whether we line or lose, my job is to think what does the next day look like or what does the next season look like. I feel the support from the owner. I have felt it him from the moment I took the job.

“I felt it for many years as a player. I am happy if I can make him happy. Last Sunday was a step forward in where we are right now and I want to continue making those steps. I don’t need those calls [with the owner], but I’ll be there if they are to be had."

Lampard once again is cautious of overcelebrating finishing in the top four.

 "We can’t just claim we’re going to be title contenders, even next year there’s a gap to close before we start having those conversations. Do we want to win titles here every year? Yes, of course, we do.

"The fact that we’re in a cup final means we’re close to maybe doing that this year. I hope that I can bring us forward to a point where expecting titles every year includes expecting Premier League titles. We’re not at that position now and that’s where I want to get to and that is going to be a process.”

Lampard is engrossed in his work in trying to make Chelsea better and bets the other premier league Managers also think about that every single time.

"I work hard here – as hard as I can," “I don’t want to miss anything. I am very hands-on in terms of how I do this job and on the training pitch and being across as much as I can be. I rely on people around me but I can’t just go home and put my laptop down and pick it up again the next morning.

"At the moment, my wife is working on TV so she is making her notes for two or three hours every evening and I am doing my prep for training the next day. That’s how exciting our lives are at the minute. I feel that’s the only way I can do it.

"When I look around, I don’t know what the top managers do when they get home, but I bet they aren’t flicking on Netflix and watching series after series. I think they are thinking about their team and how they can get better. I try and do as much as I can to get us to be as good as we can be."

Arteta: “Arsenal players aware of FA Cup Final importance”

Arsenal must have the winning culture chelsea has, according to Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta.

Arteta thinks Chelsea’s trophy winning cabinet this century is down to the winning culture that has been instilled at the club and wants Arsenal to emulate their London rivals.

Should Chelsea beat Arsenal on Saturday evening, it will be the 17th trophy won under Roman Abrahamovich’s ownership of the club.

“Absolutely; They [Chelsea] had some very important core players in those winning teams and it has probably given them a platform to be consistent.

Mikel Arteta Arsenal 2019-20

They have had some really good managers, players and structure at the football club.

“Before the time you mentioned [pre Abramovich], they were not a winning team. But they managed to change that mindset and convince players and put the pressure on everybody at the club that the only aim and the only thing that was allowed at that football club was to win.

“When that happens, obviously everybody performs better.”

Arteta doesn’t think he needs to tell his players about the importance of the Cracking game on Saturday evening.

“There’s no need to talk to them about that,” “They are aware of it.

“I don’t want to add any extra pressure onto them in terms of that. They have been preparing really well this week, they look ready to go and what they have to drive them forward is the energy and ambition to grab that cup at the end of the 90 minutes.” at the end of the 90 minutes.”

Arteta “not keen” on Pep-Klopp comparison

Lampard and Arteta will go toe to toe in lifting the FA Cup trophy on Saturday night.

Arteta is full of respect and admiration for the fantastic career his managerial compatriot had in his playing days and he is looking forward to  facing him.

The Spaniard is not too keen on comparison of him and Lampard to Guardiola and Klopp saying their are still young coaches with a lack of experience.

"About Frank as a player, absolutely top," . "I think the consistency he was able to play for that many years in the position he plays at such a big club and doing what he did was incredible. Big credit to him on that.

"As a manager, he has shown since Derby the kind of ambition and person he has and the way he encourages his team to play. We are both young, both trying to learn our position so I wouldn't like to compare to the two managers you mention."

The 38-year old Coach also concedes that winning the FA Cup trophy will be an uplift in his side’s development.

"It generates trust when you're winning titles," 

 "It generates moments when together you go through good emotions. It brings everyone together, you have memories, there's a lot of things about winning a trophy that is so positive for any group and when you're in a process it makes it even more important. We have a great opportunity, so let's go for it."

Lampard: “What i have for David Luiz is a real respect”

Lampard said he is not targeting his former teammate as a weak-link in the Gunners defence rather he is preparing his team against Arsenal in a collective manner.

Lampard also added that he has great respect for his former teammate who he shared a CL trophy with in 2012 and calls him a top player.

"I certainly haven't [targeted him as a weak point]," 

"What I have for David is a real respect, he was a top player in our 2012 campaign, David was a top player within that.

"We're preparing for Arsenal with him in a team, I know how good he can be and I know what a big player he can be for Arsenal." can be and I know what a big player he can be for Arsenal."

The 42-year old Manager also said he would love to win his first trophy with Chelsea but won’t put too much pressure on his lads.

"Obviously I would be delighted to and if you get to a final you want to win it," 

"It will be difficult, there is many a great manager who hasn't won things, but now we are here I want to win it."

Lampard: “RLC is out; Willian and Kante in contention “

Lampard could not confirm if Kepa Arrizabalaga will feature against Arsenal on Saturday evening.

The Blue boss is undecided on his Starting XI but wants his boys to be positive regardless of who he selects.

"It's difficult because we have competition in the squad," 

"I have changed it at times, we consider the games as we go – for big games, it becomes more difficult.

"I know how much players want to be in these games, but people off the bench have made a huge difference in recent games.

"It [leaving players out for a final] is difficult for me, difficult [for the players] to take, but players have to be positive."

Lampard confirmed that Willian and Kante are in contention for the game while RLC is out.

"Yes, N'Golo Kante and Willian are in the squad,". "We will see if they're fit enough to be involved, but Ruben Loftus-Cheek has picked up a small problem and is out of the game."

Mason Mount has rated his season out of 10

Chelsea’s Mason Mount has offered an insight on what he thinks of his season on a personal level.

The young Englishman believes he has had a good season but he is not overly satisfied with his numbers as he always speaks to his dad before a season starts.

“It’s gone well. I always speak to my dad before a season starts and we set goals and one of those was 10 goals," 

"Dad’s very hard on me and is my biggest critic, so 10 is always going to be the target. He has said that my whole life. If you are averaging 10 goals as a midfielder you are having a good season.”

When asked about what he thinks of his debut season in the Chelsea first team

“It’s difficult, but because I have got seven goals I will give myself seven out of 10. I’m a big self-critic and I know there is room for improvement.”

Mason Mount also offered insight on Lampard’s managerial approach in the training ground.

“He is massive on the competition side of things, especially in training.

"A lot of the focus is on training. If you train really well you will start. One minute he can put his arm around you and tell you you have been doing well. Then if he doesn’t think you have he will take you off and you will know about it. He has definitely got that side to him.”

He is also looking forward to clashing with David luiz on Saturday; A man he credits for settling him down at Stamford Bridge.

“He was always brilliant with the younger boys,” “I’ve got a picture with him when I was probably about 13. He would come over and watch us play. I always looked up to him.

“This season when I came back in pre-season I was speaking to him. He has so much experience. I learned so much. I get on very well with David. We speak now and again.

"I can’t remember the last time he messaged me but I think it was after a win or I scored and he said: ‘Well done, keep it going', but I’m looking forward to facing him.”

Walcott: “FA cup trophy still important to players “

Former Arsenal Winger Theo walcott has said it is completely “rubbish” to say that premier league players don’t care about winning the FA Cup trophy.

The FA Cup Trophy remains the oldest club trophy which has some iconic moments and dreams that has been savoured in recent years.

The Englishman also added that there are some players in the Everton dressing room who will do anything just to win the trophy.

 “Being an English player it was always been dream to play in the FA Cup, let alone win it three times.

“People say the love of the FA Cup is not there anymore, but that’s complete rubbish in my opinion, it’s a cup that every player looks back on and wants to win.

“I’m one of the lucky players to have won it, and there are guys in the Everton dressing room who would bite off my hand to be in the a same situation.

“Just looking back at all my shirts, not many players swap shirts anymore but I’ve obviously been around a long time and I look back at the 2005 and 2006 shirts, I’ve got a shirt from Leighton Baines that I managed to get him sign, little things like that mean so much to me.

“They might not mean much to anybody else, that’s fine, but I can show these to my kids, the medals as well, that’s what it’s about.

“The memories will always stick with me, scoring a goal in an FA Cup final and winning it with such class [beating Aston Villa 4-0 in 2015], scoring in the Carling Cup final as well, you ask any kid and that’s what they want to do.”

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Rudiger: “Havertz is a great talent “

Frank Lampard are striving to complete the deal for a german sensation in havertz but Leverkusen has confirmed that they haven’t received an official bid for their players.

His German teammate Rudiger was asked about his teammate at the Germany national team and he said:

"Has he been linked with us? He is a great talent and he had a very good season. He is also very young and we will see what happens [with his future]."

Rudiger has been dubbed #AgentRudiger for the part he played in Timo werner’s transfer to Chelsea and he was asked how he got to know the name

"My friends told me about it (about the nickname] but I just tried to help out because everyone knows and can read about how we played together.

"There’s a bond, so I just did what I had to do. We spoke a lot during the lockdown and I have known him for a long time through playing in the national team and at Stuttgart together. It's nice to see how his career has gone and how he developed every year, getting better and scoring more goals and getting more assists.

"I am very happy for him that he has now managed to take that step like me to leave Germany and come to the UK. I think it is a good sign if you can get people like him in the club because he is also still young but he showed that he can score goals and I hope that he can do the same here that he did in Germany.

"At the beginning, it was not easy for him because he was only 17 when he came into the squad and he was a little kid, very thin, but now, over time, I think he went to the gym because he is bigger!

"Each year you see how good his statistics are. Every year he scored more than the last and his qualities are in scoring goals. I hope he can do that for us but the most important thing is that he stays healthy and he adapts to many different things.

"I was one of the people who helped convince him to come here so it is also my job to help him [settle in]. Of course, we speak the same language but he does speak very good English too. The thing is, with this job, and as a team, we all have to help him. We will do that for him."

Ahead of the FA Cup Final, Rudiger also praised his teammate (Giroud) professionalism despite not getting playing time at the beginning of the season.

"He is definitely a leader," "He is always someone to speak; someone people look up to. He won the World Cup. Oli is a very confident guy, but with this World Cup win comes more confidence.

"But he is not arrogant. He is a very good guy on and off the pitch. He is someone everyone looks up to. I look up to him and massive respect to him [for his attitude in January]. He always kept his cool, always stayed professional, always worked hard and he fought his way back.

"I’m very happy for him. It was a difficult season for him. In the first six months, he wasn’t really there. Then there were all these rumours he is going. But in the end, he stayed and I’m very happy because he showed his qualities.

"We are all human and maybe there are some days where you don’t laugh as much as you normally do when you are playing. That’s normal. But he has always been fair. When he was on the pitch, he was giving his all.

"When he was on the bench, he always supported the team. There was nothing you can say that was negative about him."

Pulisic “fit” for Arsenal Clash

Christian Pulisic has been struggling with the injuries in some games for Chelsea at the tale end of the season.

The American was substituted 12 minutes from time against Wolves, he came off the bench versus Liverpool and he didn’t play against Manchester United.

However, The 21 year old has declared himself fit for Saturday’s cracking game speaking to ESPNFC.

"I never had a real issue. I'm 100% fit."

Heskey wants Chillwell to Stay put

Ben Chillwell has being advised by an Ex-Foxes Star not to have his heads turned to a move to Chelsea.

Chelsea are in need of fullback reinforcements and have been tipped to to land the Englishman but Heskey hopes he would be persuaded to stay put as they are not under any pressure to sell.

“They have got to be realistic. When a top-four club come calling certain people are going to have their heads turned, but we’re very strong as a club, they don’t need to sell or balance the books.

“There are aspirations for individual players, they will want to be playing at the highest level and that includes the Champions League.

“The recruitment at Leicester has been top notch, especially when it comes to spending the money made from the players they’ve sold.”

Heskey also thinks his former club can mount a substantial challenge in the europa league next season if they keep hold of their starmen.

 “If you are going to go into a tournament, you’re going in wanting to win. If you’re not what’s the point? They have got more than enough to go in and put pressure on teams.

“Not many will want to come up against Leicester, with their values and players. There’s talent and no-one will want to come to the King Power.

“They’ve been a success. If you were to say at the beginning of the season Leicester would reach the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, semi-finals of the League Cup and finish in the top five, would you take that?

“It slipped away, look at the teams they lost to and should be beating, the draw at Watford, little things like that, but it’s a good season, someone was telling me we were in the top four since September.

“Brendan has been fantastic, he’s been a visionary in what we’ve seen from him.”

Grant pleased with Lampard’s first season at Chelsea

Lampard has done really well in his first season at Chelsea; according to a Former Chelsea Manager.

Avram Grant who managed the blues in the 2007/2008 season joked he would have being sent to “Siberia” had he led the blues to fourth place like Lampard did.

"I think it's a good season, especially compared to how it began, without being allowed to buy players," 

"Compared to the requirement of Roman Abramovich, if I told him some years ago that fourth place would be good for him, probably he would send me to Siberia, but because of the situation before, I think it's a good place. For Frank, I think it's a big achievement.

"It's his first year as a coach in the Premier League. Of course, he was a player with a lot of experience, but you cannot compare a player to a manager, and I think he's managed the team very well.

"A lot of young players and he knew how to play them, how to give them a rest and when to push them. It's a good base for the future, I was very pleased with his performance."

Grant who lead Chelsea to the CL final in 2008 admitted his former player has the potential and mentality to being one of the best managers in the world.

"I was sure, because he was always a leader. When you spoke with him, he had a different view about football," 

"In my team at Chelsea there was a lot of leaders. I thought [Michael] Ballack would be a good coach, Didier [Drogba], John Terry, because there was a good personality and a lot of knowledge about football.

"Of course, having the knowledge is not the same, you have to pass the knowledge to players, you have to deal with the owner, the media, you have to deal with the supporters, but at the end of the day, you depend on the performance on the pitch – it's results, especially at the top."

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Werner: “Lampard was the main reason I joined Chelsea “

Lampard played a key part in me Joining Chelsea, says Timo Werner.

The German who trained with his new teammates today said he was impressed with what Lampard said to him and he believes the Premier league is suited to his style of play.

The 23-year old joined Chelsea from RB liepzig for £47.5 Million on a five-year Contract.

 “He [Lampard] was the main point.

“We talked a lot about things like the system, how he wants to play and sees me playing, and how the system fits me.

“He is a really nice guy who not only told me what he wants from me as a player because he wants to help me as a guy.

“He knows me now a little bit better and it fits very well between us and now I am happy to be here.”

The Striker also said he has to think about making the right move in embarking on a new challenge in his striker before he chose Chelsea 

“When you have a decision to go from your old club and you come to a big club like this, it was for me a dream which came true because Chelsea is a very big club,” 

“I know of the players before when they won the Champions League with [Didier] Drogba, with my new manager Frank Lampard, Petr Cech as the technical advisor, it is like a little dream for me but I want to become, not the same player as them, but I want to be part of a new era here so I will try to give my best.

“The style of the Premier League is very fast and my speciality is that I am really fast so I think it is perfect for me to play here.

“It is another league in another country so I can improve myself and go to another level, so those are the reasons I came to the Premier League and to Chelsea.”

Bosnich: Chelsea have a big decision to make concerning Kepa

Chelsea have a big decision to make concerning Kepa Arrizabalaga, according to an Ex-Shot stopper.

Mark Bosnich believes the Spaniard will be sold at the end of the season as Manager Frank Lampard has lost confidence in him.

He does not see any way back into the Starting line-up for 25-year old and believes Chelsea won’t allow him to run down his contract.

"When a big club that has been challenging for honours purchase a goalkeeper it’s for right there and right now,"

"He hasn't had a particularly good season and the bottom line is you have a fall-out with the manager in any kind of way, it's a slippery slope.

"So I can fully understand Frank wanting to basically take that level up and to say 'look, listen, he's just not for me, I want somebody else'.

"If that's the case then there's going to be an issue as the club shelled out so much money for him. I don't think they'll be able to recoup that money, they may be able to recoup some.

"And of course the goalkeeper can make it very difficult for Chelsea by saying that if you are going to sit me out of the team then I'll stay here on these massive wages and run down my contract for nothing.

"They've got a big decision to make. I think it's quite evident from what we've seen, and the fact that he didn't play in that last game of the season, that he will be on his way."

Agent: Willian will make decision on future after season

Willian will decide on his future at the end of the blues campaign according to his agent Kia Joorabchian

The Agent confirmed that his client has an offer from an unnamed MLS Club and two premier league clubs.

“I don’t think he’s done a U-turn or any kind of turn. He’s always been very much the same mode.

“We had big offers – one from MLS which required him to move on July 1 – but he’s always wanted to finish the season at Chelsea and the day after the season has finished he would decide.

“He has two concrete offers from Premier League clubs on the table, an offer from an MLS club, and two other offers from Europe.

“He is going to make his decision after the last game of the season.”

Monday, July 27, 2020

Lampard has reportedly told Kepa to find a new club

Frank Lampard has reportedly told Kepa Arrizabalaga that he should look for a new club, SOCCER PUNCH has learnt 

The Blues boss doesn’t want to continue with Kepa as his Number one for next season and has recommended Burnley’s Nick Pope and Ajax’s Andre Onana as his replacement.

Chelsea are also unwilling to accept a fee below £50 million for him and want suitors to play a considerable part of his wages.

Kepa Arrizabalaga meanwhile is looking to half his current wages of £150,000 amid interest from Sevilla and Valencia.

Willian could be fit for Arsenal clash

Willian’s Injury which left him out of the Wolves game yesterday is not severe, SOCCER PUNCH has learnt.

The Brazilian announced on Twitter that he will miss the wolves clash before the game. It is reportedly that he has a slight inflammation to an achilles injury and should make his return against Arsenal next Saturday.

Concerning his contract situation, Chelsea are willing to offer him the deal which he demands and are prepared to enter talks to the very last minute.

Frank Lampard has reportedly told Willian that he would have game time next season despite the acquisition on Hakim Ziyech.

Timo Werner who trained at Cobham today for the first time will be handed  the departing Pedro’s number 11 shirt for next season.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lampard: “we can’t get too excited with top four finishes”

Chelsea defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers to book a place in next season’s Champions league campaign.

A Sensational Mason Mount Freekick and a Clever finish from Olivier Giroud saw off the threat of wolves who came to Stamford Bridge needing three points inorder to qualify for Europe.

Speaking to SkySports after the game, Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard is not overly excited at qualifying for the champions league insisting a team like Chelsea should be looking to improve but admits this is a great step towards progression.

“Champions League qualification means a great deal to me but at Chelsea we can’t get too excited with top four finishes,” 

“When we first came in we maybe weren’t considered there but what we’ve done this season is take the opportunity to bring in the younger players and improve the existing players.

"There were a lot of unknowns when I came in, could we move forward without Eden Hazard. We knew we had lost a massive player. We’ve a real spirit within the group now and it’s a real team effort now.

“Myself and the staff want to improve every time, the challenge now is to see what more we can do next season.”

He was also pleased with how his side dealt with the threat of wolves particularly the level of focus from his side.

“They’re a really good side to play against, but the discipline of my team today was fantastic. Sometimes we haven’t had that at home this season,” 

“Mason’s strike was pure quality, Giroud was class as always.”

Season Report: The 2019/2020 Premier league season

The 2019/2020 season was concluded today with the final ten matches taken place across various venues in England at the same time.

Champions Liverpool beat Newcastle 3-1, Chelsea beat wolves 2-0, Manchester United beat Leicester City 2-0, Arsenal defeated Watford 3-2, Tottenham drew 1-1 with Leicester, Westham drew 1-1 with Aston Villa, Southampton defeated Sheffield United 3-1, Bournemouth beat Everton 3-1, Brighton beat Burnley 2-1 and Manchester City thrashed Norwich 5-0.

Liverpool were champions with 99 points, Manchester City Finished second with 81 points, Manchester United finished third with 66 points, Chelsea finished fourth with 66 points.

Leicester City finished fifth with 62 points, Tottenham Hotspur Finished seventh with 59 points, Wolves, Arsenal, Sheffield United and Burnley completed the top half of the log with 59, 56, 54 and 54 points respectively.

Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich were relegated into the Sky Bet Championship for next season.

Manchester City’s Ederson Moraeis Won the golden glove award, Fellow teammate Kevin Debruyne won the Playmaker award while Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy won the Golden boot Award

Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

             CHELSEA 2-0 WOLVES
Chelsea needed a point to confirm their place in next year’s champions league campaign when they take on wolves in the last premier league game of the season.

The game was bereft of goalscoring opportunity but it was Chelsea who took the lead. Mason Mount curled in a sensational freekick past Rui Patricio on the stroke of halftime. Giroud doubled the blues lead minutes later after Mason Mount played him through 1v1.

The game ended in a victory for Chelsea. They secured Champion league qualification finishing fourth level on points with Manchester United. Manchester United finished third only on goal difference.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Ancelotti: “Richarlison can score 30 goals not 20”

Carlo Ancelotti has challenged his Brazilian Forward to score 30 goals next season.

The Everton Manager believes Richarlison is capable of scoring 30 goals and being one of the prolific forwards in the premier league instead one targeting a return of only 20 goals.

"I think Richarlison is wrong to say that the target will be 20," 

"The target doesn't have to be 20 for him. It should as a minimum be 30.

"I've had strikers that were able to score 60 goals in a season - it doesn't matter the name [Cristiano Ronaldo scored 61 goals in all competitions for Real Madrid in 2014/15].

"But even in England, Didier Drogba scored 29 goals in one Premier League season alone. So the target for Richarlison will be 30 - not 20."

Carletto however admits the toffees need to improve their away form next season which has been awful 

"At home, we've done well since I've been here.

"Where we need to improve, and the players know, is away from Goodison.

"We were not good enough and this is the step we need to take next season. We need to show better knowledge and have a better identity.

"The key factor will be the continuity in the sense that we cannot be allowed to play one good game and then two that aren't good enough. It shouldn't matter if it's a home or an away game."

Mustafi out of FA Cup Final

Arsenal’s Shokdran Mustafi is out of Emirates FA Cup Final against Chelsea on August 1

Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta was asked about the German Defender during his press conference on Thursday but couldn’t guarantee he will play a part in the Final.

However, his fears has now been confirmed after the club’s medical team came to a conclusion that he will play no part in the showpiece event.

Mustafi has started nine out of the ten games since project restart.

Lampard: “Arrogance is important but shouldn’t cross the line”

Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard has further clarified what really caused his touchline spat with Jurgen Klopp’s coaching staff last Wednesday.

The Blues Manager believes that “arrogance” is an important characteristic that a winning team should have but says the reds bench had too much which crossed the line.

"When you are in a role at a club or whether you are talking about how benches work, what my feeling was the bench at Liverpool, or one person in particular, was absolutely crossing that line so that became arrogant to me," 

“I haven’t contacted Liverpool. I shook Jurgen Klopp’s hand at the end and said ‘well done’ and I would easily have sat and had a beer with him and congratulated him on what an incredible job he has done.

“I know how hard it is to win a Premier League, I know how much work goes into it. He’s been there four or five years and the journey and the work has been incredible. He deserves everything. That row was nothing to do with him. What happened on the line can happen a fair bit.

“With cameras and microphones it was in full view and I regret the language that I used. I couldn’t help the passion that I felt. It wasn’t a foul as I saw it but even then I shouldn’t be swearing, but I had an issue with some of the staff and it was against the code of how it world on the bench."

Lampard was asked to explain what he means by the code.

"What is the code? I think when you speak between managers, and there are lots of decisions that go and you can hear it more clearly now without the crowd.

"Lots of managers will call for decisions and it may be right or wrong, and then you speak with each other, but when people on the bench jump up and want to speak across to me and then smirk and smile and then continue to do so for quite a while, I think that is past the code."

Lampard also feels justified that a winning team should have considerable amount of “arrogance”

"I think arrogance is a very important quality in terms of how you attack a football match as a player, in terms of how you attack a football match as a manager, because you will be aware of expectations around you, criticism of anything you do that might be seen as being wrong or not quite right," 

"If you don’t have a level of arrogance in what you do, you can be affected negatively and you might not be able to do your job as well. I do have an edge. I would not have been able to play for Chelsea for so long in a team that was fighting for Premier League or Champions League winners in pretty much every season I was here.

“I have seen people around me who have an edge. I can’t stand there and demand an edge from my players and not have that in myself to try to drive the club forward, but it was not the right way to do it with the language I used.

"It can happen in the game. I have huge respect for Jurgen Klopp. I shook his hand at the end. It had nothing to do with what Liverpool Football Club had done. I applaud them to the highest degree no matter what the result would have been the other day. It was an in-game moment from me.

"You can probably find a rap sheet for all managers in the game because we are in a very high pressured job and we want to do well for our team. I would expect, and I don’t like my language, but I would expect if I was a Chelsea fan or Liverpool fan or Man United fan, you want people to care as much as the fans do.

"When a decision goes against me and it is 25 yards from goal and I know that Trent is going to put it in the top corner, then you feel a bit silly afterwards and I had a small smile at that point. I knew that was a pivotal moment for my team in the game that I knew was wrong. We had a lot on the game.”