Friday, July 17, 2020

Hasselbaink warns Abraham: Improve or lose your place to Giroud

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has praised Olivier Giroud saying he is a breath of “fresh air” and has warned Abraham to improve or face losing his place to Giroud totally.

The Former Chelsea Striker believes the Frenchman is bringing more to the Chelsea cause apart from his goalscoring something Abraham hasn’t.

"They are two different players," 
"What Abraham has to learn, look at him (Giroud)... he brings other players in, he makes other players look better. 

"For me, he (Giroud) needs to score more goals. At times he can be more selfish but what he does and brings to the team is an outlet and that outlet the majority of the time is very secure. 

"With Abraham at times – especially in the last few matches – it’s been erratic. At the beginning of the season, he was brilliant and it’s normal because it’s his first year at Chelsea at a high level. 

"There will always be a difficult time for him and that’s what’s happening now. Giroud has been brilliant, a breath of fresh air."

Hasselbaink was asked about the difference between both strikers.

 "One thing Giroud is really good at is his movement.

"If you see [his goal] he is with the defender but then all of a sudden he’s gone. It’s a feeling and he has that feeling of where the ball is going to go.

"At the moment it’s not really working for Tammy Abraham and Giroud is picking up the pieces. He’s been so important for Chelsea."

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