Saturday, July 4, 2020

Lampard: Chelsea must accept top four pressure

Chelsea moved back to fourth with a win against Watford Yesterday night.

Frank Lampard is unwilling to compare Christian Pulisic with Eden Hazard just yet but he has been impressed with another fantastic performance from the American against the hornets.

The Former Manchester City Midfielder believes Pulisic is on the right track to being at the belgian’s level but only misses end product from his game.

"They can both go by players and are great to watch. Eden did it here and was sensational. 

"I don't want to quite get on that comparison, but at the same stage I don't want to take anything away from Christian. What he's showing is a real natural ability, a balance, speed to dribble with the ball. 

"The next step for him is a better end product, more goals, more assists. But since the restart, he's already shown that, which is great. 

"He’s had injury problems this season but he’s a good one, a really good one. I'm very happy with him." 

When asked about his side’s performance against Watford today in response to a shocking result at Westham last Wednesday, Lampard was delighted.

"We have to accept that pressure. Before West Ham we could have gone third and we let ourselves down," 

"Today there was a bit of pressure to get back into fourth and we produced. We have to get used to that pressure, whatever way it looks, because it's going to be tough all the way through." 

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