Friday, July 31, 2020

Lampard: “What i have for David Luiz is a real respect”

Lampard said he is not targeting his former teammate as a weak-link in the Gunners defence rather he is preparing his team against Arsenal in a collective manner.

Lampard also added that he has great respect for his former teammate who he shared a CL trophy with in 2012 and calls him a top player.

"I certainly haven't [targeted him as a weak point]," 

"What I have for David is a real respect, he was a top player in our 2012 campaign, David was a top player within that.

"We're preparing for Arsenal with him in a team, I know how good he can be and I know what a big player he can be for Arsenal." can be and I know what a big player he can be for Arsenal."

The 42-year old Manager also said he would love to win his first trophy with Chelsea but won’t put too much pressure on his lads.

"Obviously I would be delighted to and if you get to a final you want to win it," 

"It will be difficult, there is many a great manager who hasn't won things, but now we are here I want to win it."

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