Friday, July 31, 2020

Mason Mount has rated his season out of 10

Chelsea’s Mason Mount has offered an insight on what he thinks of his season on a personal level.

The young Englishman believes he has had a good season but he is not overly satisfied with his numbers as he always speaks to his dad before a season starts.

“It’s gone well. I always speak to my dad before a season starts and we set goals and one of those was 10 goals," 

"Dad’s very hard on me and is my biggest critic, so 10 is always going to be the target. He has said that my whole life. If you are averaging 10 goals as a midfielder you are having a good season.”

When asked about what he thinks of his debut season in the Chelsea first team

“It’s difficult, but because I have got seven goals I will give myself seven out of 10. I’m a big self-critic and I know there is room for improvement.”

Mason Mount also offered insight on Lampard’s managerial approach in the training ground.

“He is massive on the competition side of things, especially in training.

"A lot of the focus is on training. If you train really well you will start. One minute he can put his arm around you and tell you you have been doing well. Then if he doesn’t think you have he will take you off and you will know about it. He has definitely got that side to him.”

He is also looking forward to clashing with David luiz on Saturday; A man he credits for settling him down at Stamford Bridge.

“He was always brilliant with the younger boys,” “I’ve got a picture with him when I was probably about 13. He would come over and watch us play. I always looked up to him.

“This season when I came back in pre-season I was speaking to him. He has so much experience. I learned so much. I get on very well with David. We speak now and again.

"I can’t remember the last time he messaged me but I think it was after a win or I scored and he said: ‘Well done, keep it going', but I’m looking forward to facing him.”

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