Thursday, July 30, 2020

Rudiger: “Havertz is a great talent “

Frank Lampard are striving to complete the deal for a german sensation in havertz but Leverkusen has confirmed that they haven’t received an official bid for their players.

His German teammate Rudiger was asked about his teammate at the Germany national team and he said:

"Has he been linked with us? He is a great talent and he had a very good season. He is also very young and we will see what happens [with his future]."

Rudiger has been dubbed #AgentRudiger for the part he played in Timo werner’s transfer to Chelsea and he was asked how he got to know the name

"My friends told me about it (about the nickname] but I just tried to help out because everyone knows and can read about how we played together.

"There’s a bond, so I just did what I had to do. We spoke a lot during the lockdown and I have known him for a long time through playing in the national team and at Stuttgart together. It's nice to see how his career has gone and how he developed every year, getting better and scoring more goals and getting more assists.

"I am very happy for him that he has now managed to take that step like me to leave Germany and come to the UK. I think it is a good sign if you can get people like him in the club because he is also still young but he showed that he can score goals and I hope that he can do the same here that he did in Germany.

"At the beginning, it was not easy for him because he was only 17 when he came into the squad and he was a little kid, very thin, but now, over time, I think he went to the gym because he is bigger!

"Each year you see how good his statistics are. Every year he scored more than the last and his qualities are in scoring goals. I hope he can do that for us but the most important thing is that he stays healthy and he adapts to many different things.

"I was one of the people who helped convince him to come here so it is also my job to help him [settle in]. Of course, we speak the same language but he does speak very good English too. The thing is, with this job, and as a team, we all have to help him. We will do that for him."

Ahead of the FA Cup Final, Rudiger also praised his teammate (Giroud) professionalism despite not getting playing time at the beginning of the season.

"He is definitely a leader," "He is always someone to speak; someone people look up to. He won the World Cup. Oli is a very confident guy, but with this World Cup win comes more confidence.

"But he is not arrogant. He is a very good guy on and off the pitch. He is someone everyone looks up to. I look up to him and massive respect to him [for his attitude in January]. He always kept his cool, always stayed professional, always worked hard and he fought his way back.

"I’m very happy for him. It was a difficult season for him. In the first six months, he wasn’t really there. Then there were all these rumours he is going. But in the end, he stayed and I’m very happy because he showed his qualities.

"We are all human and maybe there are some days where you don’t laugh as much as you normally do when you are playing. That’s normal. But he has always been fair. When he was on the pitch, he was giving his all.

"When he was on the bench, he always supported the team. There was nothing you can say that was negative about him."

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