Friday, July 3, 2020

Wise wouldn’t want Willian to join Premier league rival

Former Blues Midfielder Dennis Wise doesn’t want Willian to leave Chelsea for a Premier league rival but insists Chelsea won’t match his demands which all but confirms his imminent exit.

The Brazilian has made 300 appearances for Chelsea since joining in 2013 and Wise says he prefers a move abroad for Willian if he decides to move on.

When asked about the prospect of Willian joining a rival, he said: Well, I wouldn’t want him to go to any of them, I’ve got to say because it’ll be competition for Chelsea. Go to Italy please, Willian. Go away.

"I think he’d be a good fit for anyone; Arsenal, I think he’d be a wonderful fit for them. That’s the sad thing about it, we’ll let him go to an opposition who wants to compete.

"We have to replace him with more, we have replaced him but we will [need] a lot more because we’ll be depending on only two when you want more.

"I think Pedro is going to go as well, so we’re going to lose two wide men. We’ll be disappointed to lose him as well. When you look at the quality that’s going, Chelsea have got to look for quality to come in."

Wise still believes Willian has a lot to offer at the highest level but understands why the blues might want to see him leave.

"I would love Chelsea to keep him but I think Chelsea look at his age, and I think that comes into the equation," 

"They look at his age. Yes, they probably would extend by a year but they won’t give him three, and this is why he’s got an opportunity elsewhere to take a longer contract.

"It’ll be disappointing because I’ve got to say he’s had some wonderful years at Chelsea and he is a quality player as you’ve seen tonight [against West Ham]. 

"He’s still got so much ability to give. It’ll be sad to see him go. ‘I think that’s why Chelsea are building already to try to replace Willian with other personnel, and that’s what they are going to have to do. 

"Once you take him out, with the quality he has, the assists that he gives, the goals he gives, you’re taking a big chunk of it out [of the team]. We’ll miss him when he goes, he’s been a wonderful talent for Chelsea."

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