Friday, August 7, 2020

Flick: “Lampard has done an extraordinary job”

Hansi Flick is in awe of the work Frank Lampard has done with the blues this season.

The Bayern Munich Manager commends a fantastic work his counterpart has done in a difficult season with a transfer embargo but insists he won’t have it easy tomorrow night.

"I can say Lampard has been doing an extraordinary job with Chelsea," 

"They've managed to qualify for next 

season's Champions League through the Premier League and they've been pretty successful after the restart.

"I like the way they play and how they've performed."

"It was a difficult situation when he started," 

 "But at the end of the season he really performed an 

extraordinary season with his team."

Hansi Flick believes his boys will be raring to go against a blues side who should be positive about an unlikely comeback.

"If I would be in the position of the Chelsea manager or Chelsea fan, I would say we have nothing to lose, we will try to give all we have and we'll see,"

"We have respect for our opponents. We know Chelsea have a great and also big squad with lots of players who have fantastic potential.

"I know from my time with the DFB [German Football Federation] how football is played in England.

"If we look at the development that has been showing for years now, it is unbelievable, it is fantastic, how they bring up new, young players and focus on the youth.

"Chelsea have a great team filled with a lot of young players with great potential and we will be ready to face them tomorrow."

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