Friday, August 7, 2020

Lampard: “We will move on if Willian decides to leave”

Frank Lampard was quizzed about one of his players future at the Club while speaking to the media on Friday.

The 42-year old believes Willian would make the decision that is best fit for him and that Chelsea have done enough to convince him to stay at the Club.

The Former Midfielder who began his career at Westham, believes if Willian decides to leave, the club will move on and forward from him.

"It does not matter if there's a disappointment from any party, in this situation," 

 "He remains our player at the moment. He was injured for the cup final and injured for tomorrow and he would have given everything to play in those game.

"I know Willian well, I have seen him. He has carried this injury a little bit in the latter part of the restart. In terms of being disappointed, certainly as a club we have done everything we can to explain [the situation] to Willian.

"Mine and his relationship is very close and I would have no feeling of disappointment if he does move on. He is a fantastic man and a fantastic player. I think he will feel like that about Chelsea. I will leave him to say his own words.

"But I don’t want anyone to try to find a negative attitude. The club have acted very well in this as well. If he moves on I personally will wish him well. I think he [would] leave a hole as a player who has been here for I think seven seasons, being part of successful teams.

"When I came in and we had a lot of issues in terms of younger players, players back from loan, transitional elements to the group, Willian as the one you looked at and relied on in terms of his experience and quality. He has shown me that all year. He has his own decisions to make.

"We as a club will always want to move forward, no matter what. Eden Hazard left last year; the club continues to work in a forward direction which I think we have in many ways. That remains the same, whatever player leaves the club.

"When a player is out of contract, they have the freedom and the right to play wherever they want. You have to understand that if they stay in the league and it is a player of Willian’s quality, for instance, then they will go and contribute to that team.

"We have to accept that and move on. I have no problems with that."

Rudiger who also had a press conference after Lampard did, admitted the Brazilian will be missed if he decides to move on.

"He is own man and he makes decisions for himself," 

 "I don’t know what the situation is yet but if he goes it will be a huge loss for us. Especially after the restart people could see he was very important for us."

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