Friday, September 25, 2020

Carlton Cole: “This is the year of judgement for Lampard”

“Lampard has to deliver now that he has all the tools for success”; according to a Former Blues Striker Carlton Cole.

The Former Manchester City Midfielder was hired in 2019 and oversaw his first campaign where the blues finished fourth in the premier league while also reaching the FA Cup finals.

The Barometer of Chelsea’s success in the 2019/2020 was deemed “satisfactory” due to a transfer embargo at that time and the inability to replace Star Forward Eden Hazard but Cole believes his former teammate will be judged properly at the end of this season.

“Lamps is a very good morale-boosting manager for his teams.

“I think he has a good support network around him obviously with Jody Morris, and his mate Joe Edwards as well. That will be important this year as he has had money to spend.

“This will be the year that he is judged. I know Frank said there was a lot of pressure on him last season, but there will be more now because he has spent money now which puts him in with all of the Premier League big boys in terms of managers who have invested in the team. I hope it goes well for him.”

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