Friday, September 11, 2020

Drinkwater wants to bring his career back on track

Chelsea Midfielder Danny Drinkwater has admitted his move to Chelsea in 2017 hasn’t worked out well and he would love to bring his career back on track with a move away from Stamford Bridge.

The Premier League winner hasn’t been far from controversy since his move to Chelsea. He was charged with a drink-drinking offence, He headbutted an Aston Villa teammate while on loan at Villa Park among others but the Englishman is now ready to turn a new leaf.

"I have taken a good look at myself loads of times," "I told myself that I needed to clean myself up big time.

"I had a wake-up call after the drink-driving, another wake-up call after the nightclub and then another wake-up call after the incident at Villa. Then it's like, this has got to stop.

"I won't use Chelsea as an excuse for the drink-driving. Obviously, my mental state wasn't the best, but it was ridiculous and it should never have happened.

"There were a few things going on then away from football, my nan and grandad passed away quite close together and, this might sound daft to anyone who doesn't have a dog, but my dog passed away and that hurt me. It was all part of the sticky patch.

"For everything to come in a short space of time with my career not going to plan was too much for me. It hit me."

"I've got loads more to give. I'm open to going abroad, even though it will be difficult with my son," 

"I need an anchor and I need to sort out one side of my life, so if I can sort my football out, even if it is abroad, then that will help in the long term.

"It probably all comes down to patience and trust with me. I need to change for it to work, otherwise I'll be stuck in this vicious circle.

"If I can trust people who are good at their job and be patient then I can only see me building my career back up now. I can't see me staying in this situation. No chance."

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