Monday, September 28, 2020

Westham warned against selling Rice

Declan Rice has been linked to Chelsea on numerous occasions in this summer transfer window.

However, Former Westham Midfielder Joe Cole has warned his former club against selling their prized asset Declan Rice for whatever price.

Cole who also played for fellow londoners Chelsea thinks it will be a huge gamble for the hammers to let go for Rice.

“It would be a big gamble to let him go because he is the most important player in that dressing room.

“We talk about what he is worth as an asset to the club financially but how much is it worth to stay in the Premier League?

“When you have got the back three and him and [Tomas] Soucek, and Noble to come in, all of a sudden you have got a nice solid base to build on there.

“We have talked about the disconnect between the ownership group and the fans and I think it will be a step too far if they let him go.

“I don’t know what’s in the lad’s heart or head, what does he want to do, but he is a fantastic player, a fantastic lad and a big asset to this club. He is so important to this West Ham team.”

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