Tuesday, October 27, 2020

“We have to take the game to Chelsea and be aggressive”

“The Krasnodar team has to match Chelsea’s aggression all through the game”, according to the team’s fitness coach John Philips.

The Former Southampton fitness coach believes the blues will be looking to dominate the game from the onset by being agressive and he thinks his side can give Frank Lampard’s men a run for their money.

Chelsea travel to face Krasnodar on Wednesday evening.

“Chelsea are the same as most English clubs, they're going to be aggressive, the speed of the game will be high. They're doing okay in the league, but they will want to come here and they will want to really try and dominate so it's going to be tough," 

"Obviously with the injuries we've got and things like that, but for me it's just we have to fight, we have to work hard, and try not to be intimidated by them in any way, so it's a lot to do with the mentality, as well as the physicality.

"[We have to be aware] of their technical ability, also the speed and power. They have a lot of players who can individually do something out of nothing. I think the key is if we work hard, if we're aggressive, we need to concentrate for 95-96 minutes.

"We can't switch off because you'll get punished by these sort of teams. So it's almost as much mental as it's physical for this game. Don't give them respect and allow them to play, we have to be aggressive and take the game to them."

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