Saturday, January 15, 2022

Antonio Conte: Spurs Boss refusing to talk about future.

Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach Antonio Conte has refused to shed more light on his future as the Lilywhites gaffer prefering to talk about the “present”.

Speaking at a presser, the Italian tactician talked about his spurs which runs out at the end of next season where he stopped short about talking about the future.

"Honestly I like to live in the present and not to think a lot of the future, Now it is important to live in the present, to try in the present to improve the situation and get out the best of my players”

"To work to improve the situation because the present is now, the future is later. 

“Later could be too much later for us. We have to be focused on the present and work to try to improve the situation now. Then I will see. Now we have to be focused on the present and we have to work a lot to try to keep Tottenham in the right position."

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